new tricks.

Today, after k left for work, Nadi and I were doing our usual routine of teeth brushing, changing, shutting off bathroom lights, when he suddenly started with his “uhhh, uhhh” and pushing in a particular direction ( a new thing he’s learnt to show what he wants next). I picked up his toothbrush. No. The soap-dish. No. k’s comb? Yes. He took it,  looked at me delightedly and suddenly ran it through his hair. (insert tears of joy here)

Yesterday, as we were finishing up Nadi’s lunch- this time round eaten sitting smack in the center of the bed rather than the high chair, he suddenly grins and scoots full speed to the edge of the bed. In panic I start shoving the bowls of food aside to grab him when, nearing the edge, he suddenly slows down, turns a full 360 degrees around, looks straight at me with a smile, and descends his feet to the floor until they are steady and then hops down. And no he cannot walk yet. (again insert tears of wondrous joy here)

About 2 weeks ago, the nth repition of “Mama ko kisshhyy do” earned Momma an open mouthed peck on the cheek. And now he’s a pro. All you have to do is earn it.  (repeat as above)

Three weeks ago, on a particularly hot day, as I put him down on the bed with a loud hot sigh and  “huuuhhhhhh” sound before I switched the ac on, he looked at me and the at the ac quizzically. Since then the sound huuuuh earns the ac an appreciative look.

Chiyya is bird. Mummumm water. Dedo give. Laa-do bring. Happaaapapa is food. I find it bloody amazing that these normal ordinary daily boring-for-other-people things fascinate me enough to want to capture every single moment down- especally in how totally awed and humbled they make me feel.


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8 thoughts on “new tricks.”

  1. ‘Happaaapapa…’ is the winner here! 🙂

    i swear this is the cutest stage ever. mashalla.
    when my niece wants something she’ll approach crawling/now walking full speed ‘comecomecomecome..’ then you have no choice but to hold her.

  2. i find myself telling people these little things too, in complete raptourous amazement… the tepid response from some has left me keeping these moments for a select few 🙂 hehhe…

    ali raza kisses me ‘buhbye amma’ and toddles off to school with r every morning and he is happily playing when i peak through the glass into his playroom when i pick him up…it makes me want to faint with glee and wonder… this is my baby? yesterday sara, he was giggling with this little girl and they were taking turns climbing on a big styrafoam cube… then in front of my eyes, they clambered off, chose a book in some sort of baby colloboration and sat on a bench and went over it in complete co operation… how did that happen? abhi tau paida hoa tha..?

    so ya, i hear you… the one year mark for me was IT… happpy days ahead my friend!

  3. it is cheeky it is. but then i say that for every stage!!

    cheeeesooo the key is in sharing these details with the few you know will be as excited if not more with this stuff. k, my mom, my sisters, my father and my blog 🙂 and i have to write it down to make sure its not a dream- allah ka shukar hes such a joy

  4. aw! how cute mashAllah. isn’t it amazing how responsive they are? and how creative in getting their message across?
    i can hardly believe that she’s communicating. subhanAllah, huh, it really is like a dream most days!
    kiss to thenot-so-little-anymore n.

  5. Awwwww, such sweet moments when they begin to grow and learn at such speed that we can hardly keep up!

    Kisses to the little one! Looking forward to the birthday pictures 🙂

  6. you remind me so much of my sister– she calls me about everyday to tell me what sarrinah, my 2 and a half year old niece is up to. and i love every bit of it– i love watching her grow old. when she was making up words last year there was nothing sweeter than her saying ‘khala, gooodi’ (pick me up) or ‘tigba’ (remote control or ‘gilga’ (any and every animal)… i love that you record all these things.. some day he is going to be a proud proud son inshahallah 🙂

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