Nadi’s birth-day: Part 1 (the night before)

I should be sleeping right now but I can’t. I keep trying to get my head around the fact that last year at this time, k and I were at the hospital, trying to heed the doctor’s advice to “relax and get a good night’s sleep”, all the while wondering how they expected us to relax on our last night as a couple. The next day, inshallah, we would be parents. PARENTS. Yes, PARENTS.

Nothing, and no one, not all the baby books, websites, advice, warnings, heartwarming stories, NOTHING could have prepared us for what the last year has really been like. That it would be so effortless to love someone so new so completely I could not have imagined. No written word truly does justice to the awe of being a parent- of watching someone who snorts like you when they laugh and dimples like your husband when they smile- who is  mish mash of all the things you fell in love with about your partner and all the things you wish you could change about yourself (and vice versa!)

After packing my bag, I remember sisters, hussy and the lot came over and we ordered and ate pizza and watched TV and cracked jokes, while surreally, at random moments, a flashbulb popped inside my head with the words “We will have a baby tomorrow, We will have a baby tomorrow”

(to be continued…)


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9 thoughts on “Nadi’s birth-day: Part 1 (the night before)”

  1. lol – Happy Nadiday, Mona you crack me up! Congratulations J, for reaching one of the coolest milestones. The 1st birthday isn’t about the kids, it’s more about mom and dad and the journey that they have been on. Here’s wishing you and your family a beautiful life ahead!

  2. happy ‘nadiday’ to ALL of you at home 🙂
    lots and lots of hugs and kisses to the birthday boy.

    (i think that ordering pizza the night before is like one of those unspoken rituals with all to-be-parents!)

  3. happy birthday to your adorable son… its amazing how we’ve been seeing him grow up … and so much more.. through your blog.

  4. congrats for achieving this milestone and not losing your good humour…now for his first birthday, McNaddu should have a blog of his own…can he hold a crayon?!!!!

  5. 🙂 happy one-year of first-this, first-that… from now onwards time will fly faster and we’ll all be around sharing and witnessing a percent of it all! love to you, k and the birthday kiddo! 🙂

  6. Hello sara!

    been following your blog for almost a year now, but never commented. But as this is post is about nadi’s first birthday..i had to comment and tell you that how much Faraz and I enjoy your blog. Most of the times, i specifically ask him ,” has sara uploaded new pics of nadir?” 🙂

    babies are just adorable but your pictures tell stories about the love and progression in your life and i love that so much –
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

    a.k.a Mrs Shutterblog

  7. thanks everyone for your wishes. been meaing to write about the actual day and all but somehow…words evade me. so waiting for inspiration to strike 🙂

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