Nadi’s birthday: Part 2 (The way I saw it)

To say that Nadi’s first was a difficult day to put into words that do it justice would be an understatment. I wanted to write that very night we came back from the party- to capture in live colour the emotions of having seen so much Nadi-love in one place. Of how grateful I am that I am here surrounded by family and friends at this place in my life. But that night words evaded me. I was too overwhelmed by how it all went exactly as I would have dreamed about it, down to the very last design detail of white-blue-yellow. Thank you Allah Mian.


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4 thoughts on “Nadi’s birthday: Part 2 (The way I saw it)”

  1. its amazing how much we can sense your emotions about the night without you even describing it in details!

    great penmanship sara! i’m still waiting for a book from you =)

  2. i hope you fake numbered the rsvp for cyber space …if you havent (yikes!) how many aap mujh sey friendship kareyngee calls have you recieved?!!!!!!!!

  3. oh God jam!! im reivisting this tonight and i’m laughing at how lil i knew ur emotions then, as compared to now!!

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