Nadi’s Birthday: Part 3 (the head vs the heart)

Where we live, who we are and who the people around us are play such an important part in what we do. From the moment May hit, the people on the periphery started asking what plans were for the Big Day. Trying to hear yourself in the clamour of what should be done gets hard. Suddenly your decisions start veering towards what will make everyone else happy- and the focus is lost.  It’s funny how you can swing on two extremes so easily. At one point, every ounce of me was rigidly against a big affair, a running commentary in my head about the waste of money in these times- and how Nadi wouldn’t even remember this day. I was all set to be prudent and have our immediate people over for a sweet (personal) celebration.

It took one comment from my mother- one that she probably doesn’t even realize she made to make me see the entire scenario in a very different light. I had informed her of my decision to have a small no fuss thing at our home for Nadi- of course at this part a teeny weeny part of me was still wondering how it would feel to be surrounded by everyone I actually wanted to see on that day. And my mother in all her innocent well meaningness remarked innocuously on how lucky we were- Allah ka shukar- for having Daddo Daddo well and with us right now. Suddenly money became something tiny and the fact that we have so many people wishing to share the joy, something big. And that is the story of how the head and the heart came to a truce and Nadi had the best party ever.


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2 thoughts on “Nadi’s Birthday: Part 3 (the head vs the heart)”

  1. oh i understand and identify with the dilemna of sticking to the aneela-ness in me while friends/family might have their own views on “what will make sense to you ten years from now”!!!….when it comes to decisions of keeping to your moral compass while pacifying other pressures I feel much better when I give sadqa equivalent to or a significant percentage of what Im “splurging” on self….that keeps everything in perspective (and to a budget!!).

  2. i’m a bit numb after reading this post. .dont know why. it’s really on the spot.
    its amazing how these little signs/conversations have such a big influence when we are trying to make our decisions.

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