Nadi’s Birthday Part 4: (the party)

For the last few weeks, I had taken to singing happy birthday to Nadi whenever we saw a candle around and then blowing it out and clapping…part of it was because of the simple excitement of the fact that he was turning one and part of it was because when the actual moment arrived, I wanted him to atleast enjoy it, if not know what it was all about.

Someone said (I think it was our very own hinammommy actually) that the first birthday is for the parents- and at the party as I looked around at people eating cake, ice cream, chatting, listening to Bare Necessities, my mind taking mental snapshots of the evening, I agreed. This one was for us. A small pat on the back. “Speeech” said my friend M jokingly, “You made it!”. Yes, we have made it to the one year mark. There were small bumps and blips- what’s life without them- but there was so much more excitement and anticipation that I have ever had in my life over a tooth, a word, a blade of grass, a biscuit, a sound, a cat, over me and k and every silly little wonderful detail that the world is made up of. Happy Birthday Nadi. May you have many, many more. *clap clap* And he clapped.


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5 thoughts on “Nadi’s Birthday Part 4: (the party)”

  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for blogging though…I was having major withdrawal symptoms and was meaning to write an angry op/ed about people who derive sadomasochistic pleasure from luring and dumping you….not that I want you to the be your sis’s minder but could you nudge her to return to cyber space as well, hmmm?

  2. would like to hear about the ‘small bumps and blips’ too one day.
    i’m imagining that these 4 posts are just a fraction of what you went through emotionally. 🙂
    i once read somewhere that the first 12 months are always spent in excitement waiting for the child to say the first words and take the first steps. the next 12 years are spent telling him to keep quite and sit down!

  3. love the pictures. Oh my God the little boy on the cake resembles nadir!! or is that a coincidence? Looks like you put in alot of hard work..and who better to do it for than our own little bundles of joy..

  4. aneela- was just soo overhwlemed with work etc but am back now hopefully…she should be too soon.

    Thanks mona- and cheeky- hahah i remmebr reading that too- but im excited about the phases ahead esp the talking part- cant imagine him actually saying stuff!

    hahaha batool yes we ordered the cake on a spur of the moment decision when we saw the resemblance!! weird na? 🙂

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