Nadi’s Birthday: Part 5 (the end)

No birthday party is complete without something to take home 🙂 Call it a labour of love but yes I loved hand-making and writing each of these. Thank you to all of you who came and made his birthday memorble. Also thank you to all of you called us, prayed for us and wished us and keep us in your thoughts on a regular basis. 


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11 thoughts on “Nadi’s Birthday: Part 5 (the end)”

  1. yara what to do…I come from a generation where anything bright and colored was Smarties…but Ms Niece has introduced me to Bunties … a while ago they came in “blister”packs which freaked me out like anything as she thought even painkillers were Bunties.

  2. they’re so pretty that i wish i had been at the party!! haha. and they’re smarties because they’re flatter and bigger. bunties are smaller and fatter.

  3. oh my gosh- you guys were on Dawn News 🙂
    and i THINK i saw you and your family at bread people a few weeks ago, and i kept wondering why you and the baby looked familiar! (and no, i swear i’m not a stalker :p )

  4. hey jammie

    congratulations on nadir’s first bday.. i saw the pics, the arrangements look amazing..

    best wishes for your family..

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