daily tidbit 2

There are so many little things that happen everyday which make me laugh and love Nadi even more. As of late, he has started preferring to walk rather than crawl. He can’t do so independently yet- needs one finger to hold onto while he propels himself forwrad at full speed. With the other hand however, he has big plans. Today he went off for a walk around the house with Hobbit (affectionate petname for an old time cook at our house). A few minutes later I see him walking in holding her finger with one hand and a huge twice his size empty AVA water container with the other, laughing out loud with such sheer delight at having accomplished a Herculean task.


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3 thoughts on “daily tidbit 2”

  1. aw, the cutie. it’s amazing to watch them feel so proud at their little acheivements.
    i’ve never been prouder than i was when noo walked / learned to eat by herself etc – not at graduating, not at any of the things i’ve ever done.
    of late, she likes filling bags with stuff randomly. one shoe, elmo, the blankie she calls ‘mine’, and lugs it everywhere she goes.
    something tells me she’s going to be a ‘bag’ girl

  2. he is adorable mashallah…and a significant reason why I will procreate.
    If he has such big plans for the free hand…put him to work, put a duster in the spare hand and get him dusting.. little fingers are ideal to get to the hard to clean crevices, (evil laughter!!)

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