daily tidbit 3

Having watched Mohan clean our place everyday since he was six weeks old, Nadi has developed a healthy respect for cleanliness, which is why it was so funny to see him toddle over to his wet wipes, pull out one and start wiping down any surface that came in his way. The wipe did not leave his hand at all that first day and since then it’s a daily morning occurence to see Nadi hard at work, ensuring we all live safe, healthy, CLEAN lives. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “daily tidbit 3”

  1. oh he is a happy worker….is he actually whistling as he works?!! he is precious…anytime he decides to forgo school let him know he has a standing offer to be employed in melbourne…he is a jaan, nazar na lagey.

  2. a very healthy habit i must say.. mashalla.
    hope it stays 🙂 hope it doesnt turn into OCD!
    hope i can borrow him for some time.. i can use his services

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