13 things I don’t want to forget about my 13-month-old.


photo by Nadi’s khala.

1. You have grown up so much in the last few months that I can’t believe it sometimes. You started rolling over at 5 months. Crawling like a pro at 8 and semi-standing at 9 and now at 13, you are almost on a solo mission. Just hold onto my finger a little bit longer- probably more for my sake than your own.

2. I love love LOVE that you have a sense of humour that supercedes if not matches your parents nutty personalities. I know you smiled first when you were 8 days old, I even have a blurry picture of it but I think what totally makes my day (no matter how awful the headlines are) is your belly laugh that starts somewhere deep in your gut and then burst out liek sunshine that just cannot be held back. Ok fine, so Im overdoing the poetry, but the occasion demands it. Hmph.

3. The way your eyes sparkle with mischievous intent when you know what I am saying but you plan to do the complete opposite.

4. You can now stand in your bath tub.

5. I only have to say the words splish splash and you are dragging my finger to the swimming bag, all set to leave right then.

6. I melt at how your kisses have suddenly become voluntary and I dont have to request “momma ko kishy kar do” anymore.

7. You jig to music like your dad, which is absolutely hilarious and even though, it might never win you much female admiration it is adorable to watch.

8. The last 10-15 minutes before you fall asleep are the best because you are giggly, more ticklish (we are forever hunting for “tickly pots” on you), sleepily mumbly and a total riot.

9. You have turned into a bonafide blackmailer recently. When you want something (read: my wallet/the remote/coke/abba’s watch) that you cannot have, you gaze soulfully at me for a second and then your mouth turns downward in the most comically perfect heart-rending pout I have ever seen. I am standing my ground – you cannot have coke. The rest we can negotiate on.

10. You love carrying my bags around, much to the horror of your father who probably wants you to do something more suited to a little boy, like play his motorized cars he has hidden from you in the cupboard. 😉

11. When you think something is delicious, you let out this sing song mmmm mmmm sound followed by a grin to let me know that my efforts at making your food interesting were appreciated.

12. You have fallen and hit your head a number of times now- despite the fact that you figured out how to get off the bed in reverse mode pretty much from the start- and I have learnt that the one thing that will stop your crying abruptly in mid howl is the shiny silver universal remote. Forbidden things have magic powers.

13. There are a squillion things I could go on and on about that you do which make my day , whether its salam with a hand stuck to your forhead or bye bye with both hands flapping, or the aa-jao with your fingers curling in and out, the way your lips form a pout of concentration when you are reading, when you bark to show me a dog, or sonic scream as if youre on a roller coaster to show how fun the game we are playing is. Its so amazing how all these normal everyday things that we take for granted become these globs of colour- happy crazy colour- changing so much the way we look at our world.

13 months of Nadiness in our lives, no amount of thanking Allah Mian can be enough. Insert special Prayer here.


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5 thoughts on “13 things I don’t want to forget about my 13-month-old.”

  1. lol…aneela we’ve all tried to eat him up on different occasions.
    and kaddu patiently waits till we are done.very humble he is in that way.lol

    and jams i witnessed most of these things in one car ride…PLUS the sonic scream which had me reeling and you suppressing your laugh because k was on the phone.lol.

    did you mention kaddu’s customized ‘peekaboo’ games…wether the other person wants to play or not.
    and his sudden burst of breathless/excited(let me at it momma) giggles and mumblings the minute he sees the swimming pool.
    i love kaddu.thank you for having him.
    a gazillion jabillion mashallah’s for my little marshmellow nephew!

  2. haha thanks aneela- say a dua before you eat 😀

    khiz yes you were lucky enough to witness the whoel gamut of expressions in one car ride 🙂 its not a rarity- he is a VERY talented kid 🙂 hehehe

  3. aw, mashAllah, he sounds so delightful! i think the baby carrying bags thing is a baby thing – that’s what i tell myself when i see noo running around with cars and wanting ALL the footballs she sets her eyes on.

  4. he is a lil monster.
    but he is our monster.
    after all i am his second mommy 🙂
    i cant imagine life without him anymore.
    it would be so utterly dull and meaningless.
    and yes, like khiizy says, thank you for having him 🙂
    and you are in the next room right now,….struggling to put him to sleep while all he wants to do is march around holding his lil suitcase i thank again that you had him 🙂

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