good baby, bad baby, my baby

When people ask me if Nadi is a good baby, I never know what to say. What exactly is a good baby? I wonder. One who is always smiling? (HAHA.) One who is not too much trouble? (Wouldn’t he not be a baby that way?) One who doesn’t cry (I would be worried)…but I always say that he is. Because he is. Yes of course we have had our horror days of feeling totally low- and our wonderful days of skimming the skies but he’s my baby so obviously I am going to say that yes, he is defintely a good baby. (Allah ka shukar) 

However, as the story goes, as of the last 3 days, Nadi has turned into a little brat. The grandma is all oodles of sympathy for him because well…he can ALMOST walk (how frustrating for him, she says) and he wants to communicate in words (YOU imagine not being able to say what you want, she insists) plus to top it all of, its hot and muggy and his molars are popping out (the itchiness would drive an adult nuts, she claims). Basically there you have it- brattiness excused. ) To further illustrate his point of frustration, he has developed this triple hop tantrum fit, (which in actual form is quite adorable to watch for a little while).

To be honest, I’m lost. I am there all the time walking along, figuring things out with him, basically making accessible whatever he points his finger at…but the triple hops continue and surprisingly, MOSTLY only with me. I think I am finally getting a dose of what being the mom is all about- the person who gets the brunt of the worst moods, tantrums, fits and moods.


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2 thoughts on “good baby, bad baby, my baby”

  1. this sounds like Cubby revisited since past few days!! 🙂

    and yes, he too mostly is a good baby!! 😀

    hope the triple hops phase gets over soon!!



  2. i think kids ast like that esp when parents are around. i remember when we went for hajj this time, my sis left her two kids with my parents (first time she left them 3yr and 1yr).. oh and jsut last week me and her had gone for a marathon afternoon – night shopping spree (the best!) and seriously the moemtn she stepped in the house.. both her kids went psycho. ‘hopping’ around all over, it was very delibirate.. not that they are old enough to actually understand that yet.. but it seems that kids wait for the parents because they know very well the kind of reaction they want from the parents.. i think. what say you?
    my parents were like.. ‘the kids are very well behaved when you are not around!’. 🙂

    btw, have you ever watched Super Nanny?

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