blog off.

Some time ago I came across a blogger- she/he/it prefers to remain anonymous and was going around on some of the mommy blogs trashing everything they wrote- calling them holier-than-thou mommies who thought “raising their einstein kid is some kind of rocket science the way they go about it” and generally was rude, condescending, silly, and very limited in his/her/its approach. The blogger obviously felt very insecure about the fact the the moms enjoyed, even celebrated their state of mommness and the milestones their kids were achieving by blogging and went as far as to make personal comments on posts which he/she/it did not see the humour, intelligence or connotation behind.

I am generally mostly in life attempting to be tolerant with idiots by reasoning that you CAN’T reason with idiots. I never understand the point of these fools who go around making flammable comments on other people’s blogs. You want to have an intelligent conversation or disagree with me- learn the etiquette to do so in a proper inoffensive manner. You want to not agree with my daily thoughts, child rearing methods, sense of injustice or my blatant dislike for comic sans- ask a  question, suggest alternate solutions, or nicely point out the cons. As much as you would like me not to know, my blog stats software lets me know that, despite your obvious disdain for people like me you visit my page everyday, hence you either really are hooked or a total loser. You can decide which one, I am feeling generous today.

Blogs are personal spaces. Personal spaces made public to an extent but that public aspect in no way means that useless people like you can comment rudely, pass judgement on make unnecessary comments. If a blog content does not amuse you, does not relate to your point in life or make you happy or fulfilled or whatever it is that you are looking for, get lost. If you are looking to make mischief and ignite tempers, get lost faster. Don’t go there again. Don’t go there with the negative intent of creating havoc. If you feel very strongly about something written, try to be smart about initiating a dialogue and if, as a human being, you don’t have that common courtesy gene, seriously, just blog off.


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13 thoughts on “blog off.”

  1. yikes!

    kia howa sara?
    Have i missed anything which happened on your blog?

    I confess, i am hooked to your blog and i don’t comment as much as i want to, because ..all i have are many theories and no kids 🙂
    But I do enjoy your writing of anecdotes, tidbits and especially nadi’s pictures. So who ever is bugging you..just ignore them.

  2. THANK GOD for this post!!!
    i’ve gotten to the point where my posts have become predictable and too thought out, because the moment i post about something that disturbs me, or remotely nationalistic, or concerning the current situation of karachi/pakistan…i’m attacked by anonymous commentors and labeled an ignorant comfortable/living brat who wouldnt knwo about problems because i live in my own bubble.
    what is also irritating is that they drag in people i am associated with…”you and your blogger clan” …
    like you said…these blogs are our personal spaces.reading them is a choice these people make.and if they dont ‘like’, they should just skip to the next blog.
    why are we not allowed to be free with what we think.
    “dont just sit there, do something…”
    and what are THESE farigh people doing that is so productive??being anonymous(spineless) commentors on people’s blogs…when they know NOTHING about who we are, what we do, and what our circumstances in life are.
    ive written and rewritten posts like these and avoided posting them because i didnt want to spark more comment wars…i choose not to respond beyond a point, but they do leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    yes…pent up rant finally released.

  3. tell the annonymous blogger that Yes, in fact we are raising baby Einsteins. Im pretty sure all the bile in their posts comes through pure envy, that there are these savvy moms out there who are truly taking pleasure in what they do and raising confident, articulate and happy young men and women….considering Ms/Mr Annonymous is from the school of raising children that believes in “remove milk bottle to insert pacifier to replace with Coke to insert chicken tikka and place in front of Aishwarya DVD” (with the option of giving Phenergan when they are hyper active)….to read that there are Other Ways to Interact with Kids must just drive them nuts.

  4. ‘ school of raising children that believes in “remove milk bottle to insert pacifier to replace with Coke to insert chicken tikka and place in front of Aishwarya DVD” (with the option of giving Phenergan when they are hyper active)….’

    i havent laughed so hard in weeks

  5. wow, yeah I remember this person commenting ages ago. Why have you brought it up again? Something strike a bad chord?

  6. you just have all kinds, i guess!!

    people who like you and your blog and ofcos adoare nadi, wonnt care a damn anywayz!! 🙂



  7. delete and ignore.
    like i said those ppl are a waste of internet space if not just general space. funnily enough…most of them don’t even have blogs of their own. just shows how cowardly they are about putting themselves out there. i think the fact that they don’t have the guts to do that is why they want to attack just about anyone who DOES have the guts.
    hence, they really ARE losers in the truest sense of the word.

  8. thank you all for your comments- and no nothing as such happened. Just a couple fo comments which reminded me of an idiot from long ago 🙂 so it all came a tumbling back 🙂

  9. i should link this up. i have idiots telling me what to wear, what to do, what to write and then dissing me and being abusive. i think they forget the original rule

    blogging is about the blogger. not the commenter.

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