daily tidbit 5

“Makeup? What makeup, Momma? I didn’t see anything.”

Every day is bringing new discoveries for Nadi as his world grows larger and more exciting. However, being the focused explorer he is, he tends to go after one thing a day, chasing it till he has had his own good time with it, figuring it inside out and then he sets it aside as one of those mysteries of life solved and it is forgotten.

Today was the day of my compact powder. After a tedious chase through a cavernous bag, it was caught, tamed, used, abused, scraped at by his tiny persistent fingers, tasted, smelt, talked to, used as a weapon, a deafening device and then finally left for the dead after Nadi the saviour ensured that it had no possible use left and and thereby was not dangerous to his precious Mama.


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7 thoughts on “daily tidbit 5”

  1. hmmm…i guess all the “positive affirmations” from his fan group re being comfortable enough with his feminine side to clean up after himself (and your house) did make the Cave Man genes wake up and start foraging and plundering !! oh well….

  2. i love the way he’s playing with his ear, its like
    ‘uhh.. huhh.. sorry.. what?’

    i see some traces of lipstick as well? is it..?
    cutie pie.

  3. ooooh wait until he finds your lipstick!!!
    my favorite baby picture of myself, taken 26 years ago, shows a much younger me covered in bright red lipstick, my mom stifling a laugh and my dad attempting to discipline me by lightly touching my head……..

    i love how many memories you have created for your son though these pictures and blog entries……..i think there could be no greater gift to a child than to preserve his history for him to explore when he gets older and tries to “find himself”…..

  4. ohh goD!! he always stares at me fixated when im doing my makeup too 🙂 and then wants to climb me to get a closer look. i admit i powder him a blush . one stroke or two on both cheeks, which makes him giggle like mad 🙂
    lil jaanu

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