daily tidbit 6

Walking has its advantages as anyone who has that talent will tell you. As of late, becoming more mobile than ever before, Nadi has taken it upon himself to move objects from point D to point X in the house at any given chance. His favourite of course are the buckets, from his tiny red one he takes to the beach to the large white kitchen one used to save water on days when the tanker decides to go on strike. It’s not surprising anymore to walk into the drawing room and find a bucket lying smack in the middle or come back into the room to find all the buckets lined up against the wall. Bring on the new.


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7 thoughts on “daily tidbit 6”

  1. haha!
    also good luck with finding your remotes, sunglasses, mobile, digital camera, magazines.
    since the past week, my sister’s mobile is with half a cover.. and at any given time the battery just slides off along with the sim! it’s fun.

  2. cheeky- my phones like that- or rather WAS like that. It died a few days ago. 🙂 im using my dads old cell and nadi is convinced its some kind of atrick and my pink one is in hiding.

  3. my kaddduuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    i am intrigued with how he is SO shy around me, but the minute i turn away he’ll call out for me to pay attention.
    i LOWEEEE the kaddu!

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