daily tidbit 7

My almost 14 month seems to be ready for school- about a year too early!


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7 thoughts on “daily tidbit 7”

  1. you do know that its a “slippery slope”…early to be enamored of the back pack means “early to school” which speeds up the college process (your sis said that the dad has plans for Europe) thus beckoning the tear works (as you threaten on her blog elsewhere!!)…so I would seriously recommend hiding anything resembling a school bag and pointing him towards the balti and dust rags…nothing bad has ever come out of being enamored of cleaning products!!!

  2. ohh.. not so soon 😦 . my dad is so against sending kids to school so early!

    he’s got his whole life ahead of him to be stuck in that school/college/work routine. let him live it up for now 😉

  3. noooo don’t send him to school before he’s four or five!!! he’ll be such a better baby for having more momma time and less nasty parhai…i know three year olds who can do fractions and it’s heartbreaking 😦

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