the story of us.

When people ask how we met, we always say “at work”. It’s the most concise answer to a story that took about three years to reach its conclusion- us getting married. Truth is he did a double take when he saw me the first time. Yes, I love this part of the story. Hahaha. He was the new guy at the office. Änd we had to take a work trip together. The beginning.

So many times I have wanted to blog down the story of me and k. Just for myself. To remember the details later. To see what words I come up with tell this story- maybe one day to Nadi, if he is interested. It isn’t a romance that will make it to the history books or one that will have anyone weeping with the tragic beauty of it all. It was just a regular old story going along, of people with other people looking forward to other futures when suddenly life took a turn- and you know what they say, you can never see around the bend.

From the early days of friends, it was mostly about msn conversations, random phone calls, drops back and forth sometimes from a meeting and the seamless integration of k into my lot of friends. Everyone claims they could see what was happening. Of course- friends can always see, can’t they? I don’t remember much about those days- fuzzy blurry times but I remember how I felt. Happy. Me. The thing with being in a bad relationshisp is that you forget yourself, what you like doing, what makes you happy.  And if you find someone who likes that you, well, lucky you. Lucky me.

I think things changed in essence that day when he gave me a dark blue bottle, filled with silver stars following a conversation about how much I loved stars and wish I could bottle them and keep them. By far the most romantic gesture of my life. I also remember that it was in the midst of an sms conversation (while I was at a product shoot) that he asked me, no, told me, to marry him. I had so many reasons back then to why he and I would not work. I can’t remember even one now.

It’s been three years today to being with him. (And three before that of trying to explain why I couldnt be with him). We write to each other on our anniversary each year- and seal the letters to be opened on the 5th anniversary- little things about the year together that were amazing, or things we want to change in the coming year. I can’t recommend marrying someone who you love enough- but as long as he is also a friend. You need that- because the passion bit has its ups and downs in life- as the kids come and the jobs go, but the friend bit that’s the bit that keeps you warm inside. That keep you gossiping late at night. That makes for the fun times. That makes up for the sad times. These together make it the forever times. Happy 3 years k. I love you. Here is to the beginning, again.


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23 thoughts on “the story of us.”

  1. aaw sara! that was an awesome post. had my toes all scrunched up and gave me butterflies in my tummy – in memory of all my beautiful memories!

  2. sometimes i really do have issues commenting on your posts, for the lack of words… honestly! it’s by far the most difficult time where i wish i could say something and actually not come across as trying too hard or something… hehe, you do the unheard of: make me speechless!

    here’s wishing you two and the little one, very many happy beginnings on a regular basis 🙂

  3. oh thanks ever so much for this particular post…i always wanted to know what made my fav bloggers the ” people” they are today…and considering we live in the times of Oprah et ” True Hollywood Story”…I guess I wanted ” insight” on all this, but was afraid to ask, your story is all that I hoped…now if some day you could explain the post circa 2005 about the ” past calling” on/in the present…and I can finally rest. Or is that too much…actually its difficult to remember ‘ boundaries’ and how much curiosity is polite…

  4. congratulations sweetheart! this reminds me that i never got around to part deux of my “story of us”…

    best part of this post: fuzzy, blurry memories and “happy me”…sigh…doesn’t it still make you feel like the luckiest person in the world to have ended up with such a gem of a person who incidentally was your best friend? lucky you, lucky me indeed.

  5. ive always loves this story- and told all my friends 🙂
    you didnt write about the part when you actually said “yes”!
    i can never forget receiving that message while in class at college …the “what do you think of k?”
    kookie and i feverishly exchanged notes on what our answers should be trying to tally them with what we think you wanted us to say 😛
    haha seems like ages ago!

  6. awww…such an adorable story!! the “stars in a bottle” bit reminds me of one of my own favorite memories…love of my life singing “time in a bottle” because i wanted to save time spent together…you should listen to that song, i think you’ll appreciate it…

  7. lol…i remember calling kAy from india and her telling me long distance…’S is getting married!!”
    and i, standing in a public phone booth screamed, “OUR, S?????to whoooo???”
    even though i knew.
    flashback to and k taking me and kAy back home, and kAy and i whispering feverishly about how you two should So be together, just by listening to your goofy ‘teenagy’ conversations and you ‘giggling’ at his jokes.
    your bloglink on my blogroll is “happily ever after”
    you’re my real life fairy tale.

  8. sheza- we should always remmeber our stroies- keeps it going haina?

    insiya thanks. translated that means i have the power to shut people up- COOL 🙂

    aneela- i spared you the questioning- this is my arhcives also so the story was bound to come at some point 🙂

    sara/mayya thanks so much 🙂 i know you guys have beenb following on an doff 🙂

    sakhmeth- i must look up that song- who is it by??

    kay and khizz- hahah yes your perspectives are most entertaining. im sure nadi will hear your versions waaay before he hears mine and k’s. 🙂
    thanks all of you- keep us in your prayers.

  9. this might be a bit off track, but i like the graphics!
    very nice simple and straight to the point. *less is more*

    and thank you for sharing your jab we met story 🙂
    it’s something so personal.. and then you have the whole internet reading it.
    wish you the best of everything , inshalla.

  10. I love the “story of us”. I’m gald you wrote yours down. Kind of leaves everyone with a warm fuzzy feeling. My anniversary is tomorrow, and this was such a sweet thing to read the night before 🙂

    Happy 3rd Sarah J, may you have many, many more!

  11. happy 3 sara – may you and k have many many more
    my a and i celebrated our ‘3’ on july 24 and it was so apt to read your entry….so much in 3 years…i’m so excited about the rest.

  12. thansk cheeky- this was a set of illustrations i did and had framed for k for our first year together as parents! its our story in pics hehe.

    sakmeth thanks for the link.

    thanks all. and nisreen happy to you 🙂

  13. i’ve been reading your blog since the beginning of time (no i’m not a creepy stalker i promise) but everything you write is so amazing MashAllah 🙂

    I wish you both and the little bundle of joy all the happiness in the world InshAllah 🙂 🙂

  14. aww sara I’m finally catching up with all the unread blog posts in my rss reader and this is the cutest thing!

    totally looooove the illustrations and your story left a lump in my throat!

    happy belated anniversary – wishing you happiness always 😀

  15. i read this post sometimes. it gives me hope for some reason..ive probably gone through the toughest period of my life (when it comes to these secluded matters) recently , but reading this occasionally generates some previously lost hope inside. i am really happy for you mashallah. and i hope things work out the same way for me as they did for you 🙂
    its very very rare to find someone who can fit exactly into your nook of special and compatibility..but its even rarer to find a love that can love you right back..with the right amount of passion and selflessness with which you love him..
    i hope you guys are/remain insanely happy in the years to come iA

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