the walk of life

Recently I seemed to have run into a whole flock of almost and recently turned one year olds- all of whom can walk! Casting aside the girls walk sooner theory, it seems to be that most kids these days seem to be in a rush to get moving. After all there is a whole new world out there; the plugs are closer, the shelves are lower, everything is within walk or tip toe reach except of course when the mom is looking. Then the stealth plans are launched. Of silent ninja like movements when the parents’ backs are turned. One second and suddenly a whole room has been scaled in order to reach the current object of desirous exploration- from a kid who can barely toddle along otherwise. When there’s a will….so, everyone seems to be on solo mission- except Nadi it seems.

Having started hiking himself up at 10 months and then walking around holding a finger soon after at 11, everyone was sure he would be walking by his first birthday. He seemed like such a pro. The question du jour is whether he is walking yet, and my answer has evolved from explanations to how he holds onto things to walk to a simple and concise, no he isn’t. But he is almost 15 months old, comes the astonished reply, and he looks so confident at walking along and at balancing himself. I agree, he does but he still won’t let go of the finger. And if he does, or you take it away he will remain standing absolutely still for a minute and then slowly lower himself to the ground and sit.

I can’t bring myself to worry, even though people around me are damn right trying their best to make me panic. I mean when did you last meet ‘someone who never learnt HOW to walk? Walking happens, whatever the timing. Perversely, and I am defintely going to be mom-tracized for saying this, I like the fact that he is still somewhat physically dependent on me. I like how he looks to me and demands my finger when he wants to walk, sometimes with impatience and sometimes with request. I know, I know, independence and walking milestones are both great but it comes around eventually anyways whether you try for it or not, in some measure, so why not just enjoy this little phase of my baby boy needing me to get around?


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9 thoughts on “the walk of life”

  1. ummm…it could be that he is comfortable with his “feminine side” and asks for directions (you know the whole discourse of how ‘men men’ dont ask for and are blundering about) but kudos for being relaxed about it…you have a lifetime of screaming COME BACK IMMEDIATELY AND HOLD MAMA’S HAND AND DONT YOU DARE RUN ABOUT UNSUPERVISED as the other ‘stand alone’ types moms will be going through right now

  2. methinks its because he finds you (and other hangers-on ) fascinating company or that you have ‘similar’ interests as him so he is tagging along…when he thinks that ýou all are no longer intellectually stimulating (!!!) or that you are clueless about where he wants to go (read above comment) he will go “sep ways”. So be very very flattered….

  3. glad u’re not worried. no need.. like u said it just happens like all the other things in life. at least now u can keep track of him, what he’s doing. after he starts walking inshalla.. u’ll have one added thing to worry abt 🙂
    i swear some ppl get such cheap thrills out of making others panic!
    the other day my sister was holding on to her 1.5 yr old, feeling kind of sad and was like: ‘bas tum itni si rehna, issey zyada bari nahi hona.’ !!

  4. i love this post…in fact, i’m LIVING this post…though my milestones consist of “is he sleeping through the night yet?” or “why hasn’t he started rolling over on his own?”

    I don’t know when/where/how this hyper-competitive attitude emerges from amongst moms with kiddos the same age ….but it’s really quite hard not to get sucked into worrying about your own baby and how he’s progressing with comparison to other children…sigh!

    I think you summed it up best: “I mean when did you last meet ’someone who never learnt HOW to walk?”

  5. Loved the post…so true. As they say about unsolicited advice/queries, listen from one ear and discard from the other!

    sara60 – so true! I have an almost 7monthold who refuses to sleep through the night and although i tried to ‘make’ him do it (by rocking and not nursing in the night for an entire week – didnt work btw) its really not worth it . I read all the updates from babycenter that talk about sleep patterns and how my 6month old shouldve been sleeping thru the night and i fret. But its good that there are moms out there who’ll tell you the truth and yes there are 2.5 year olds who dont sleep through! (Ofcourse all these updates say all babies grown/progress differently but hey who cares about the fineprint?)

  6. aneela- hahah your theories all sound like my moms- and i love ’em! thanks 🙂

    im not worried at all- i just had to post this as a sort of an archive thingy so one day i look back and know what was up 🙂 cheeky i know how your sister feels- i feel like the last yr wentby so fast and sometimes you just wanna hold on tight.

    sara60 and batool- 😀 compare not compete shoudl be the modern moms mantra 🙂 but it hardly stays that way na? somehow its a race and wthether we like it or not we are in it- just have to keep our heads and not drag our kids init haina? always helps to have a sens of humour about it though.

  7. sara and batool – children do not sleep through the night – no child does and i think people who say their children do are lying!
    and sara, i’m glad you’re not worried or panicking – if he’s holding just one finger and walking confidently, almost running, then you know he can walk. all he’s doing is building his confidence and we all know that’s more important than anything else. dude, he’s only 15 months old – what’s the hurry?
    when noo started to walk but still insisted on holding on for most of the time, loads of people told me force her to let go – i didn’t, because i know she can and she will walk alone but for now it’s more important for me teach her that i’m here for her whenever she needs me – for as long as she needs me.
    (mostly, i’m not ready for her to be independent yet, i’m glad she’s taking it slow too)
    enjoy his non-independent walking for the short time that it will last.

  8. i can tell you that you are lucky(in a way).my son started walking when he was 10 months old and though i was delighted in the beginning,it quickly dawned at me that though his body is of a older boy,his mind is still of a baby.and so he had the freedom to move but the desires of a baby.not a good combination,i tell you.

  9. mona- i think we are the needy ones not our kids!

    beyond thanks for a great perspective on this- i do think that post one (its been 2 months and a few weeks) nadis mental development has taken on a different turn and edge and speed and i see what you mean about the body getting older but not the mind 😀 thanks for sharing your experience!

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