daily tidbit 10

Some days before Nadi’s birthday, I started lighting the candle in our room and blowing it out- just to give him a general idea of what this whole birthday business is all about. Although clearly fascinated by the concept, he didn’t really get that this power was also vested in him until a few weeks after his birthday when some light bulb went off in his tiny little head and he pointed to the candle going “fooooo”.

Since then everyday we have a foo session, atleast 3 times. August turned out to be a particularly foo-ful month for him, with his khaloo’s bday followed by his nana-abba’s, then his dadi, now a khala and then nanna momma- all these candles to be blown out- how exciting!! Watch out world the foofster is here!


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6 thoughts on “daily tidbit 10”

  1. oh look at his eyes…he is so intent and FOCUSED on the job on hand!! well as long as he doesnt shrug his shoulders and go for the jharoo and go *tut* *tut* ab mujhey safaee bhee karnee hogee everytime there is a party!!
    all my prayers!!

  2. He must love being the center of all candle blowing events!

    When Iman was a little younger, she got the chance to blow out all the candles in our house… Dada’s birthday, Mamoo’s birthday and a couple more that summer. When we went to another little girl’s birthday party, Iman insisted SHE should be the one to blow the candle out and when we told her she couldn’t, she ended up crying her eyes out! lol – you brought back a funny memory!

  3. hahah h, im expecting nadi to want to blow out the candles at the next kids birthday- so far its been only family so we have been safe!

    meher, natasha, aneela thanks. we do this candle thing atleast 3-4 times a day so its starting to wear thin 😉

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