and in their eyes…

Politically things are screwed up right now. We are possibly going to be led by the blackest leaders our country has ever known- and any chance of a well-lit future seems bleak. Many people I know are packing up, convinced our blip of a good time (?!) is definitely over, atleast for now. Pakistan looks bad on in the media, with what not the Talibanization and the Corrupt President. Most days I don’t watch TV, refusing to give into their endless speculations about the beginning of the end, or the non stop coverage of silly, stupid people dancing in the streets, believing AGAIN that the idiot making those loud promises has any plans of coming through. Yes, things are not good, definitely.

And yet, as I join k for breakfast at espresso, things have never been better. In my little micro cosmic bubble life that I lead with Nadi, I am so happy, am so blessed. God indeed is Great. He allows me to block out the reality of what is around me with the reality of what is mine, of what He has given me. I spend hours with Nadi, waking hours of discovering how wonderful the world really is- despite what they tell us on TV. Who can seriously keep worrying about the Talibans when I see people as Nadi sees them- potential amazing fun! Who can think os Zardari or Obama when there is water to be touched and delighted in, when there is chocolate to be tasted and when there are balloons to be marvelled at. For those few instances, when I can shut my eyes to the dirt and the grime, life is so beautiful, through the eyes of children, the way God meant for us to see it, clearly and sans the nitpicky details, simple despite everything.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million. 

~Walt Streightiff


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6 thoughts on “and in their eyes…”

  1. it feels like voldemort is going to lead the nation.. same awful sensation.

    i love the picture :).. i hope he got what he wanted. and i’m guessing that’s probably one of each!

  2. aneela do i hear pitter patter 😀 ??

    cheeky- thats EXACTLY how i feel. and a friend likened it to aslan giving himself up for sacrifice in narnia. is it too much to hope that through some form of valiance or the other we too shall have a happy ending?

  3. Sara….please send me your email..Im at (there I love you so much Ive opened myself to all the ” aap mujh sey friendship kareyngee’ spam out there)…you had long promised me ” something funny” and Im still waiting…sigh. I need to check something with you.

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