such a pretty little girl

As the story goes, before Nadi was born I had no idea we would have a boy (just my dreaded gut feeling) and now, even though I still make secret trips to the little girl aisles at baby shops to stare at the adorable little dresses with bows and frills, I can safely say that having a boy has been amazing, especially accessory wise. And from the start he has been a boy-boy. Not one of those tiny little babies so wrapped up that everyone has to ask the gender. Everyone- unanimously agreed that he was a real little boy. Happily I  delved into the world of the little male stuff- little socks with trains on them- the polo shirts, calf length shorts, funky t shirts, caps, sport wear; basically all stuff that makes it clearer than ever, that this boy thing is not half bad.

So imagine my dismay and surprise and amusement when three times in the last week, I have been told  what a “pretty/cute little girl” I have. Once I was amused, once a bit annoyed and the last time, I couldnt help but ask why they thought so. Apparently he is “so fair” and has such “pretty eyelashes” and has such “lovely hair”- all programmed ideas on what little girls should be all about, hence the assumption. When I mentioned the incidents to k, wondering out loud how we see him as such a typical little boy-he suddenly recalled being scarred for life when at the very developing stage of 12, when he met one of his mom’s friends who told him what a pretty girl he would have made. Go figure- this is just history repeating itself.


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11 thoughts on “such a pretty little girl”

  1. Better not tell them about the house cleaning binges…kitnee pyaree beytee hai, helping her mommie around the house.

    However, this goes to prove…so much of our gender identity depends on how other’s ‘read’ our body…

  2. One of my cousins was like that when he was young. He had a petite body, beautiful eye lashes and an oval head shape. My khala used to wrap him up in her dupatta sometimes and he made one beautiful girl =)

    I was about 15 years old at the time, and my simple solution was to draw a pencil mustache on my cousin’s face with a marker in his sleep

    Not saying you should try it on Nadi, but October is on its way and I bet Nadi would make a cute little pirate 🙂

  3. loving the new header 🙂
    my brother’s always been told that too – that he’d have made a very pretty girl. he’s okay with it though, because he thinks what they mean is that he looks SO good, it would have worked across genders too.
    maybe nadi will think the same wayyy.
    but yeah, it’s a teeny bit annoying to have your child mistaken for the opposite gender – in my case, even when she’s wearing a skirt and headband or in your case ‘boy’ clothes.

  4. You could have been talking about me – the “gut feeling” and the boy-boy 🙂

    Boy clothes aren’t half bad at all – I have great fun with my 15-month old.

    The “girl” comment for N seems wacky though – atleast from the pictures on the blog, he’s SUCH a little boy !

    Mala (long-time lurker in Delhi)

  5. lol…its ok sara.
    ali used to get that too. before the voice change and stubble.
    all black hair and fair and chubby.(though at that age nobody told ME i was a pretty girl.HMPH)

    khair, told you kaddu looks like a hippie child with that gorgeous flowing hair.
    but i think its more his smile, which is so gentle and shy and ‘pretty’.LOL!!!

  6. aneela dont even get me started on gender stories- actually theres a dfunny one i must write about…

    faraz – ill wait for the moustache to grow itself- somehow dont want nadi to get complexed hes not manly enough from now hahaha

    monaa- i like your brothers reasoning- im adopting it too 🙂

    mala- my pretty boy is 15 months old also! have i been to your blog?? thanks for lurking and reiterating the fact that i am right and he DOES look like a boy-

    and khiz yes yes i know the hairs getting long but im just celebrating the fact that he HAS hair- ill get it cut soon sighhh

  7. awww! it is quite annoying.
    when my niece was about 6 months old – everyone at the grocery story or the mall would think she was the cutest boy they’d ever seen! and she has huuge eyes and curly hair! not to the pink outfit, pink shoes, and girly features 🙂

  8. what a relief! i don’t know what i’m having and the girl clothes are ALWAYS so much cuter than the boy ones, so i’m glad to know it can be fun on the XY side too 🙂

    gut feelings seem to work…HMMM!

  9. i have an absolute opposite boy was a very boyish kind of boy.never ever he was mistaken as a baby girl is fortunately or unfortunately is his ditto the last 8 and a half months of her life,not even a single person has guessed right that she is a girl.i remember in pakistan,i was shopping with her in my arms and the dukandar said,how old is he?and she was wearing a skirt at the time.arg.

    so i know how you feel.

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