daily tidbit 12.

There is a lot of wisdom floating around out there on having kids, raising kids ad the such. You are bombarded from the minute you conceive on what all you need to do.have.think/feel. What I want to know is how come no one ever mentioned how  bloody DARN useful having a kid can be? Ever since the solo walk Nadi has been a man on a mission. No errand is too much for him as he deposits his own pampers in the dustbin, puts laundry away, rolls up carpets and sweeps under them, carries water bottles to their right destinations, puts shoes and socks in their proper places and just generally is the Minister of Right Placement of Things in the World.


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8 thoughts on “daily tidbit 12.”

  1. heyyyyy thanks a million for blogging…I know that Im older than you (and it should be th other way around) but I take this as my ‘cyber’ Eidi!!
    yup, my sister told me how useful kids could be (one more reason to procreate!) however she was a ‘trifle’ smarter than you…she had put my niece to work when she started crawling, putting posties on her so she could crawl to her dad if she was busy …carrier pigeons are soooo over rated.(rather than hunting him down to tell him something or screaming for him…yup kids are good to conserve your energy et lungpower!!)…

  2. haha! cutie… 🙂
    next time u hire domestic help, just put them under nadi’s management.. he can delegate all the chores and supervise. you just stay away from all that ‘kit kit’.

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