the wonder of it all.

Having had our share of travelling adventures both alone as singles and together as co-workers and then as a couple meant that we, k and I were looking forward to travelling as a threesome for the first time with an unhealthy amount of excitement. We are both very much the kind of people who love new things, new places new experiences, so I think we imagined having Nadi along would mean three times all that- imagine introducing to a 17 months old little boy the concept of a holiday – of family time that goes on and on- in a land where there is no bedtime or breakfast time or anytime. Just fun time.

I don’t know how much of this 8 day vacation Nadi will remember- nothing actually, if baby sites are anything to go by. But I dont think either k or I will be able to forget the look of bug eyed wonder on his face at the plane, or the excitement of the waves breaking over his head, or ever get our full hearing back after hearing him shriek his way down the wild wadi rapids with us. I get flashbacks of him running-wobbling on the vast marble floor of the mall where sunight spilled in from the centrepoint dome and looking up and whirling with dizzy happiness at the world being so biiig. (And then he fell and spilt his lip, of course). Boys will be boys, as my mom is fond of saying. I can see the shining hapiness on his face when he saw row after row of ice cream flavours and kit kat tantazlizingly displayed. What IS this world, Momma? I can almost hear him ask of the plastic beauty of Dubai. You ain’t seen nothing yet, I silently answer him thinking of all that I want him to experience and see and feel and rejoice in one day, inshallah. Seeing him mesmerized by the glow-in-the-dark fish, wanting to catch the fsshhh running through the aquarium, mmmummumm at all the water surrounding us, it was catching, the unfettered joy, the total sense of amazement with, well, just…everything.

Someone annoyingly once said to me that kids become your priority in every possible way and maybe just for the tone it was said in itself, I found myelf rebelling against that notion, citing my non-mom individual self as being alive and important to myself as well. However, I must admit that as one grows older, ones capacity for fascination with the simpler things dims and it takes more to activate that sense of awe and wonder…and in that way it actually made sense to make my little boy my priority, to see the world through his eyes, as it can be, as it SHOULD be, rather than as it necessarily is.


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8 thoughts on “the wonder of it all.”

  1. Wow!!! a very decadently written article. Love the way you explained his fascination with fish, water and the plastic world.

  2. that’s the reason for my endless pleasure in children- they remind me how easy it is for life to be magical and simple and utterly fascinating. and when they have big grins and little dimpled hands like nadi does, it’s just the icing on the cake 🙂

  3. hahha thanks huma- decadent hahah!! i guess just written in excitement and happy recollection makes it sound sa bit over the top??

    mina spot on!! my moms worked with kids for the last 30 years and i think its one of the reasons she manages to retain this simple uncomplicated faith in the better things in life. its def my choice of profession if only to keep my happiness and belief intact!

  4. I loved your doobai pics….and the fact that nadis classic expressions were all recorded! theres more to my thoughts but i shall save it till i see you!

  5. Hi S
    Im the one that ran into you at Khi airport (religious atttire and all :P) After ziarat in Iran, we also headed to Dubai with our 9month old. Its interesting travelling with a little one, schedules kinda lose their relevance with time zone changes (though dubai-karachi difference is not much) and one learns to taper down (we only went to malls which got mundane after a while, didnt do wild wadi which in retrospect , maybe ammar wouldve enjoyed – figured he was too young..) Not much to do except eat, shop and see skyscrapers no? Dubai seemed so very artificial although i did enjoy baby clothes shopping 🙂 and Cold Stone at festival city was awesome!


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