daily tidbit 13


The funny thing about the post one stage is that development speeds up more rapidly than you care to give it credit. Suddenly I find that Nadi has noticed things and absorbed them and has been waiting for the right time to display his new found talents and activities.

The other day we were leaving for our usual evening something or the other, k waved to Maan Singh to open the gate and suddenly Nadi’s hand went SPLAT on his forehead in the gesture of a salaam. From then on this has gotten more and more frequent, growing more detailed in the sense that when Nadi now wants to go out he will splay his hand aginat his forehad and come to me requesting that we go down and get Maan Singh to open th gate. Or like when we are coming back home and hit our home stretch he recognizes the gates, street, signs and immediately SPLAT again. It’s always done with enthusiasm, excitement and a very audible sound. Funny thing is so far, he has only been very regular about salaaming Maan Singh. With everyone else, it’s a mood thing.


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7 thoughts on “daily tidbit 13”

  1. cuteeeeeee, i really believe this is the best age since they’re still so baby-like but haven’t gotten to that independent-terrible-twosie phase yet! i’ll be excited at this point if my kiddo can sit up without any assistance! 😛

  2. yeahh the salaam seems to be a mood thing.. but he is very very good with “bubye” and “hello”- promptly waves at whatever or whoever we point to and say those words! 🙂

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