children of today.

This is the day and age of a TV channel specifically for babies under one. Of colourful branded toys shaped like cells and laptops with our kids still preferring the shiny silver real ones. Lets face it- this is the agewhen kids know how to work remotes before they know how to stack blocks. So its no surprise that they are also highly evolved consumers who might not have the decision making power directly but who definitely manipulate our buying decisions to a great extent.

As a conscious choice, we kept Nadi’s food to a regular you-eat-what-we-eat formula since the time he started solids. Jars, mixes and powders and formulas were never in the picture so he never really took to them when we did try for convenience’s sake at later stages. Similarly with milk, he went from being exclusively breastfed to being fed milk with a straw stuck in a tetrapack. The request for this has always been straighforward and simple-come and pummel the mother demanding “deddi deddi” or go stand infront of the fridge. The preference each time, drawn clearly and simply as to what milk he wants.

So cut to us driving home after an evening spent at the fun-land (nanna mommas house) and Nadi decides, “Deddi deddi” insistently. Strapped to his car seat he can’t really reach me to start pounding at me (score one for me!) So I turn around and in my most exaggerated patient grown up tone say “Nadi lets just wait a few minutes till we get home na?” and I see that he’s not pointing at me or even trying to reach out for me, instead he is pointing excitedly out the window to an Olpers shopfront billboard, arms waving at the joy of having “found” his second favourite brand of milk.


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5 thoughts on “children of today.”

  1. well as long as he is not (Parental Guidance adviced for my *sick* sense of humour) pointing to Meera or Rakhi Sawant ‘D Cup spilleth over”on a billboard and going “deddi deddi”.

  2. cuuuuute.
    i can’t think if there’s any brands noo knows, yet. i don’t think so, though. she’s still (admantly) not drinking (only milk) out of a straw!! 😦
    ohhhh, wait. you know what she does know? car logos! she’ll see the honda H and says abba ki! and the bmw logo, and say mama’s. (mine’s a beat-up beamer, and she often points to shiny, brand new models that make my heart sing).

  3. LOL…well WE spent the evening doing mindless baby stuff like showering Cadbury eclairs out of a jar on to the floor.
    and the child would not let me have even one.

    but i did get offered some “mumm mumm”!!

  4. Olper’s is a bright red, Mcdonalds is red and yellow, I won’t be surprised if you’ll have to change your routes to avoid passing through a McD once Nadi gets introduced to (and hooked on) happy meals and happy toys =)

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