the hoo haas and wait-tills of life

Have you noticed how, no matter what stage of life you are at- people derive great loads of satisfaction in  telling you that the stage ahead is a killer? I remember in my A levels, the kids who were already in college would always make this big groaning moaning big deal about college work an life. And how you needed these super skills to cope. Then you get to college and start to marvel at how cool you are to have made it, and people start harping on about The Real Life and how college is nothing compared to it. When real life hits, the grand hoo haa of marriage supercedes the semi-noisy clamour of career, and then the cherry hoohaa on the top is of course the kid.

If I was paid money for everytime someone wagged a finger at me citing “wait till you have a kid”  as an explanation for their own lack of something or the other, I would be taking that trip to phi phi islands right about now. Having had the kid and done my initial bit of career and shaadi stuff, I figure the world around me would be out hooed by now. I mean honestly no one was going to come up and tell me about what a pain dying was, were they?  And then I met someone the other day, who sighed and moaned and creaked about the weight of managing a house and TWO kids, one at home and one in school and how I have NO idea what that stage is like. Apparently this is one race that I didn’t enter but will never win.


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