daily tidbit 14

There is a nip in the air today and our high ceilinged apartment tends to stay chillier through the day so I hurried with Nadi’s shower and plonked him infront of the fan hearter to change. Socks are the new thing since he obviously doesn’t remember them from last year. Lunch warmed, I brought it and said, ” Nadi chalo, let’s relax and have lunch now.” His head whipped around, eyes sparkling and he ran to me, grabbed my hand and took me to the bean bag. Made me put it front of the TV. Then he toddled off full speed towards the drawer underneath the amp. Opened it and pulled out his dad’s PS3 controller, gave a gleeful chuckle and came and plonked himself on the bean bag, looking expectantly at the TV. I guess we all know by now whose genes are dominant here (and how k prefers to relax after a long day at work!)  



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8 thoughts on “daily tidbit 14”

  1. just a 800 more pics to reach the 10,000 count on the digicam! i say you do more daily tidbits and more pics of the ‘pakistani beauty!’ 😉

    hahaha god bless this child! amen amen amen! 😀

  2. adorable MA….so intensely involved he is with the controller 🙂
    it is amazing how much info. kids take in w/out us realizing it…..tends to make me careful in what i say/do around young ones 🙂

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