familiar routes and routines.

I remember last year today, following the BB assasination, our car got stoned on the way back from my mothers house to ours, literally a 5 minute distance. Suddenly my entire world seemed so vulnerable and I was petrified of stepping out. Everything was unfamiliar, strange, alien. After that incident even the well beaten path to my moms house was fraught with darkness. But as most things dark do give way to light, and the memory of last years terror has faded to blurriness to the extent that the same route now has a totally different meaning. *Allah Shukar*

 As we leave our house we see a couple of fountains, so “mmummmummm” and then the mall so he immediately makes a chomping sound and gurgles showing how we have ice cream there. Barely a few metres down his absolute favourite Olpers shopboard is there and he lets out a yell of excitement “deddddiiiiiii!!!!”. Next is the ATM so he makes the gesture of me reaching into my bag for a card and looks at me for approval, a BBQ joint where the fires are lit have him fooing away and then finall he points out khala’s house and the yucky canal water before he starts his chant of “ninnaaah ninnah” as my mom’s place nears. It feels good to have the memories of last year completely wiped out by these excited landmarks- becomes harder with each passing day to remember how scared I was of the same distance that today brings a laughing smile to my face.


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8 thoughts on “familiar routes and routines.”

  1. you must write more sarah, you write so well…

    i miss not having blogged a lot in the time that ali baba turned from 18 months to 2 years… it was so magical, the changes, the little man who was like a chota sa best friend in my house, growing every DAY in front of me- wish i had gotten it down somewhere…

    love nadi’s brown shalwar kurta pictures… he is a beautiful baby mashaAllah

  2. aneela yes- you said it.

    cheeky- its amazing how perspective changes allah ka shukar.

    cheesssooo- where have you beeen?? hows ali baba?? yes this IS a magical time and im trying to keep up also but its crazy 🙂 but now that you have written i shall feel mor encouraged to write more!!

  3. Yes, God forbid that you should ever have to think about anyone outside your own bubble. How dare the memory of the day Benazzir was assasinated deflect attention away from your life *rolleyes*

  4. hayzee- i suppose your email address hormonal princess should explain why you have this rod inserted inside you (and im being polite here) i am constsnly amazed at people like you have the time energy and effort to go around being snotty about other peoples lives without knowing a single damn thing about them.

    i usually dont bother with losers but since its new years i thought id give you break and reply. Dont bother coming back here. i WILL delete and block you.

  5. Sara, may Allah keep you and your loved ones safe and strong. Always, Ameen.

    Hayzee, if you have nothing constructive or good to say – for God’s sake keep it to yourself. “squint eyes”

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