whose kid is it anyways?


From the minute any kid is born, the rush to have him “belong” to one side of the family starts. Onse side will always insist that he/she is JUST like them even if its in a quality as generic as the baby liking to sleep late (as if its like a genetic achievement that the “other” side is not capable of hah). The battle forges on as the baby grows its own set of wings, and of course as the personality develops, it becomes rather clear what direction the genes are leaning.

Nadi has always been more of the k’s side kind of boy- more than anything because of the physical similarities but I always take a secret pride in the my-side qualities that have seeped into his personality- my dad’s sense of chilled outness, my sister’s nutty antics, my mom’s sense of focus- but to keep the tabs in their place, here goes. 🙂

Five reasons he’s YOUR kid.

1. He thinks “let’s relax” means taking out the ps3 controller. Sigh. Double sigh.

2. He is obsessed with his shoes. (Current faves are the blue ones with the blinky lights)

3. He is royally super duper ticklish.

4. He sleeps, flung out in all kinds of odd postures and positions.

5. His preference for thaadal. 😛

Five reasons he is MY kid

1. On certain songs,  he can’t control the dance in him. Like Rihannas Dont stop the music 🙂

2. He loves eating onions soaked in lemon juice with his food. Go figure.

3. He likes things being clean and in order, to an almost Monica-like extent. Good boy.

4. His zany sense of humour. Cmon, you know no one else laughs with me the way he does.

5. The sudden and extreme (and mostly super shortlived) irritability syndrome. Yep that would be ALL mine.

Five reasons he is OUR kid

1. He has a bonafide, truly mood oriented sweet tooth. Which means he loves sweet but only when he feels like it.

2. He is always ready for a drive. 6am, 12pm, midnight, whatever.

3. As much as he loves being out, the joy of being home after being social remains unsurpassed.

4. He is a total mesh with your slightly reserved shyness with my more social butterfly mode.

5. Even though he looks just like you, his expressions are all me 🙂


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9 thoughts on “whose kid is it anyways?”

  1. aw, super cute. i hate it when people tell me that noo looks like so and so or so and so, because her face is her own, it’s the expressions that are perfectly copied!
    what’s thaadal?

  2. Awww, such a sweet post.

    With me and my older one, it’s the other way round. Her face is all mine, but her expressions are all her dad’s.

    Enjoyed dipping into your posts, jammie.

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