daily tidbit 15

As Nadis vocabulary develops, it’s hilarious to know that so does his sense of connecting ideas, and ability to tune into the funniness of a situation. A recent word added to his list was when he accidentally broke something recently and whoever was nearby remarked “Aww toot gaya.”,

 So all’s quiet until one day,  Nadi while playing with his younger (and publically very proper) khala at home suddenly notices that she is wearing her home comfy but rather holey pyjamas. He jumps up in the middle of the game and let out this little belly laugh and pointed to her pyjamas, forming a perfect pouty o with mouth, repeatedly going, “Toot! Toot!”  Of course now all I have to say is “Nadi, Khala ke Pyjamas…?” And he lets out an excited “Tooot!”


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8 thoughts on “daily tidbit 15”

  1. – okay this was embarassing 😛
    but can i add that he was not laughing initially- he was very worried that it was “tooot” because earlier whenever he had heard the word “toot” it was spoken with a rather sad face and puppy dog eyes 😛 which is exactly how he said it…worried that my pj’s were also broken he donned the sad face pitying me UNTILL you guys burst out laughing… THEN he thought “what a joke! tooot!” 😛

  2. hahaha i think i should do a portrait of the toota pyjama and nadi 😉

    and sorry jammie for using your blog but CHEESOO aunty you need to give us, ali baba updates, blog na!

  3. hmm im trying to figure out when he actually does this in order to decipher what it could mean but i havent detected a pattern yet- its more of a mood thang i guess and whateverr situation warrants this particulare brand of approval hehe.

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