daily tidbit 16


We used to be cool. And then we became parents.

It’s like a rite of passage that no matter how urban/hippy/chic/bohemian/coolio/awesome you were, one day your kid will look at you and wonder what planet you are from. I remember when showing a thumbs up meant you were uber with it; it was a statement of being in. Later on of course a difference finger replaced the thumb and then the high five and the rock on happened somewhere in the middle and then I think I just lost track.

Nadi however seems very with it and he has his very own cool finger thing he does- and is now in the process of teaching us.


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7 thoughts on “daily tidbit 16”

  1. You do realize this makes it look like he’s highly superstitious. 🙂

    And khizzy, I don’t think it’s appropriate to call a baby a pimpkin. No matter how many women he has fawning over him.

  2. i would love to know what that sign means..?

    or maybe it actually does mean something cool, but we’re so totally out of it :S
    i’m curious!

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