The School Run

It is a very popular urban legend here in Karachi, that one must get their unborn child registered into the better preschools in the sheer hope of them making it to the admissions list almost 2 years later. Almost mothers and new mothers are always confused by this insistent question of what eductaional future they have thought of for their unborn or few days old child. Mothers who are barely even used to the idea that they are well…mothers.

This scare tactic is a great one- one that I am sure provides endless rounds of conversation and amusement to the more bored and restless. But it isn’t as macabre as it sounds. Even though I was exactly one of those moms, running around with a three month old Nadi in tow, trying to register him at preschools he would attend nearly 2 years later. And now almost, 2 years later, one finds out that there are still places- GOOD places- that are willing to have you register your child in for August, without throwing a hissy fit and demanding why you hadn’t thought of it when you baby was born. Mothers, breathe easy. Relax. Not every place demands you register a foetus.

Yesterday as I handed over the fees for Nadi’s first preschool- starting inshallah in August this year, I had to kick myself to fully realize the enormity of the step. NADI. IN. SCHOOL. I pause here to open my blog from two, even four years ago- and I cant help but let the cliche of time flies roll off my tongue.  I think back to so many things I had forgotten about school and honestly, the level of excitement is almost at par with the coldness of fear that Nadi is going to be in school. Then the other thought hits me, I am going to be a school mom. Sometimes I barely feel like I am a mom- but a school mom? Arent the requirements for those different? Aren’t I supposed to be more…well..more mom? More prepared? More informed?

Each step in this whole parenting deals sneaks up on you so seamlessly and quickly that its only after you are in knee deep that you realzie where you actually are standing. When you are holding the gurgling squirming baby in your arms is when you begin to get an inkling to the fact that you were pregnant. When your kid starts making a dash for the sockets is when it hits you that you are the one on call and its when your little one finally runs off into the class filled with fun toys and colours without a backward glance, that you suddenly realize that the baby is well on his way to being a boy. The School Run has begun.


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14 thoughts on “The School Run”

  1. That’s such a sweet blog piece. Loved it. Made me take a stroll down memory lane when both my babies started school. It was more traumatic (for me) with the first one. She settled down in school within a few days, but I used to weep unashamedly for days afterwards!! Would get ridiculous pangs in my womb, it felt like my baby was leaving the nest way too early and I missed them so much even though it’d be only for an hour or two. Cherish this time with Nadi,thoroughly. and my hubby and I were one of those rebellious parents who refused to register their unborn/new born babies,anywhere. Hate this system. And they still got into great/our desired nurseries. 🙂

  2. my babbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    atleast now he’ll wear all the cool stuff khizzy khala got him!
    my little stud muffin will be the coolest kid on the ermm…playground?
    i vote for blue button down on first
    i know K will agree with me.woohoo!

  3. Awwww, school already? That’s so sweet! Ayzah won’t go until she’s 3, but I’m already looking forward to the couple of hours of quiet in the mornings when ALL my kids will be in school, yes… ALL (and I know the littlest one is still inside 🙂

  4. hey thanks s.h,

    I tried not giving intot the madness and only ended up going to 3 places bnefore i realized it was all hype. But allah ka shukar where hes going to go to am happy with although i spose ill only know that once he starts in august.

    khiz- yes school wardrobes hahahah!

    hinamommmy darling- he wont go till hes 2 and 2 months but the process starts now- and plus the first yr is called playgroup and then nursery so yes he will also 3 when he technically goes toi the school part of it 🙂 i just cant imagine having sent him earlier.
    butterflies in my stomach when i think of it- its just weirddd

  5. my baby isnt out yet and i am harressed by school / preschool and pre pre school questions already….
    Its like i dont know what to think about right now….delivery? post delivery? admissions? or maybe ivy leagues!

  6. oh wow, i haven’t even thought about school yet. but i guess we’re okay until 3.
    but wow, nadi. school. august. i can only imagine what you’re feeling and it’s making me all giddy nervous!

  7. already!
    time *seriously* flies.. wow.

    i’m so excited already. i dont think i was this anxious when my own nephews started school!
    i think more than anything else, i’m looking forward to your writing when THE time comes 🙂

  8. aww congrats jammie, he is going to be a big boy yeah! School is such a milestone!

    Its so good to know that you’re not really required to rush out of a hospital straight to the play school for a registration.. I remember I had gone to this supposedly “really good place” with a 7 month old mahnoor and I was told I’m late and they’re putting me on a “chance” list 😐

  9. Hmmm dont worry about school too much at this point and enjoy your time with little one. I noticed there is just too much emphasis on academics but not enough on interpesonal skills in Pakistan. Teach him the value of knowledge, value of family and value of life itself and he will do just fine. I can see you are doing an excellent job as a mother and trust me thats what he needs more than admission in top ten pre-school.

    We are lucky that most of the public school in my neck of the woods are top amongst G8 world. As a matter of fact our city came on top of world’s smartest city. So i did not have to go through all this madness and boy i am not complaining about not been on pre-school waiting lists :).

    Good luck to you and your little tikes.

  10. heheh thanks cheeky- im looking fwd to writing about it also!

    mayG/mona/preeti there are all these rumours out there but in the end like any other kind you have to go with what feels right to you-n what suits your style your parenting mode- nobody can stand out there and judge you for it wthout having been in your exact shoes. 😀

    huma- yes i have to agree that its becoming a money making venture as opposed to a dedication to schooling here but you do find the odd school that clicks with you in what it does and guess thats all thats impt. Thanks for saying im doing a good job with nadi- that compliment also makes me the happiest!

  11. Youre right about this myth thing, but certain schools for whatever reasons do require we register our babies early. I wanted ammar(my 1 year old) to go to this place called Sandra’s Montessori (its in the older part of the city, in Parsi colony) but as ia found out, i was supposed to register him while i was pregnant!! Seriously. My mum practically begged them to register him but they refused as they have a long list of applicants…
    Defence residents have tonnes of choices where preschools are concerned which is great. Im sure Nadi will thrive in school , he seems very social. Good luck!

    1. i m sorry i know this is not the way demand u the phone number of sandra mont. but plzzzzzzzz i want no. fr my baby grl if u can

  12. awww dont worry
    my cousins just put her kids in pre-school too…

    the first month she sat outside while kid was in school – every morning relentlessly… her child settled long before she had a change to get used to the idea of him being in school at the hands on strange women – now he loves school , and shes stopped obsessing..and theyre all happy 🙂

    best of luck
    recommended schools – The Learning Tree, Samrahi and Rahi Montessory

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