the time of our lives.

As Obama was sworn in as the first black, 44th American President, my grandfather bellowed out for the cake to be brought in. Sharing this momentous day with Obama, were my grandparents, turning 90 and 86, respectively. .Mashallah. (Technically they are born a day apart but we always celebrate on the day in the middle.) Nadi ran around amongst the crowd of family reaching for pizza, cake, kabab roll etc and amidst the chaos I just watched all kinds of history being made, in my mind wondering what kind of stories I will have to tell Nadi of the times of our lives.


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4 thoughts on “the time of our lives.”

  1. congratulations to your adorable grandparents babe! you’re right, we do need to do a catch-up soon…. I am always so so so grateful that my son is able to spend all this quality time with my nana and nani, it’s really such a rare gift. Will you believe that I hit up 3 inauguration parties on tuesday? it’s been a time of optimism and hope for us all…! 🙂

  2. thanksss- we need to do a catch up yes- really want to know your plans re the big move and obama fever and all- any plans for a trip down to khi? love to auz and send me pics- he must be at the fun fun stage of it all-

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