daily tidbit 17


Even though Nadi has been technically attending weddings in full form since he was a mere 3 weeks old, it’s only recent that I think he has finally caught the wedding fun fever. We attended one of my sister’s best friends wedding- where the groom was decked in this amazing turquoise kurta, and practically on the dance floor from beginning to end. Nadi who already has the bee-bop in his head when it comes to catchy beats, absolutely tumbled headlong in awe of this tall, dancing man who made it all look so super fun and effortless.

Curses to AD, we have had to watch his mehndi dances  every single day- especially during food times, when Nadi plonks himself infront of his dad’s laptop and demands that AD be put on that dreaded endless loop. And so enthralled is my child over this turquoise dancing phenomenon called AD, that everytime he hears a beat he likes, he runs around the room saying AD, AD as if in homage to the Great Dancing Gods themselves, and copying the steps from those dances which continue to haunt my dreams even long after the laptop has been mercifully switched off.


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9 thoughts on “daily tidbit 17”

  1. First of all i would like to thank you do not only praising me and my kurta but for producing this wonderful child and inculcating the appreciation of only the best at an early age in him… secondly (and this is the catch) the videos for all the other songs are here so when should i come drop those off 😉 😉

    Love the pic though.. he has become quite the shaker has he not!!! when is my turn with him..

  2. ohhh…
    dont i know exactly what you mean in this post.
    i have had to bear wih being asked for “AD” in almost ever possible tone.
    the sweet longg “aaadddeeeeeeee” with his head cocked on the side. the loud demanding “AD” where he puts the extra pressure in his voice to make it deep and the insisted “ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ” where i just want to put a tape to his mouth.
    i remember he was soo sleepy once, he actually fell asleep on my lap while we sat and watched “AD” for the 100th time.

    AD, my dad keeps saying ” par yeh AD haiii kaun????” 😛

  3. hahahhahah. so funny. this reminds me of the dinku ad on youtube. not quite the same scenario, but just reminds me of it. you should youtube it.

  4. oh he is a ROCK STAR…I will ask him to teach my Bhola Ram all the moves when he grows up as both the parents dont have the “groove”…the spirit is willing but the flesh (feet) are weak!!
    acha, on a sep note zara side bar may mera “promotion” kar do…mashallah from soon to be I have graduated to full time mommy (or is there any other trial of fire waiting till I get my full time mommy pips?!!)

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