the many faces of love

Old distinguished looking uncle buying a box of chocolate at Astra (presumably for aunty wife)

Middle aged harassed looking aunty cutting signal driving badly, but red heart shaped ballooons stuffed at the back of her car.

Grandparents out at Subway with little boy and girl, very obviously baby sitting for their son/daughter who is out on romantic dinner.

Old couple sitting across each other having sandwiches, not saying anything, just occasional words and the sharing of a glass of coke.

Scrawny greasy character stopping a rose hawker at the signal to buy the lady perched behind him on the motobike  a single rose.

Bearded skinny man walking at the Forum holding the hand of his completely hijabi wife who is holding the hand of their tiny daughter.

Hunky heartbreaker type guy who breaks into an endearing embarrassed smile as he sees me watching him buy flowers at the phool wala .

Two teenage girls giggling and eyeing k as chit chats with a friend  holding the flowers he bought for the wife.


I loved M ‘s take on Valentine’s this year. We go through seeing the same push and pull each year of some people overdosing on the red and the hearts and the public displays of emotion otherwise missing, and others overdoing it with their love bashing and black armbands, dissing on a feeling that is really short in supply all around these days. Personally, I think we are all missing the point here. It isn’t about expressing love one only that one particular day at all- it’s just a day to celebrate love. And it isnt only about that love- in the man woman kind of love- its about love as in the kind of love we are all lucky enough to be surrounded with but never take the time out to acknowledge. She (M says) that we actually underrate our family and friends, waiting for the birthday or anniversary to come to actually do some quality atention giving. Maybe it’s not a bad thing after all, to have another day dedicated to realizing how lucky we are and how much we need to appreciate those who are around us.

This year, we did a friends thing on V-day. Sam and Hussy were on their first trip back after having moved away to Doobs. It was Charlie Ash’s first one post baby and overall for me and k, it just felt good and right to make a bright daylight communal lunch plan than the candlelit coupley one. There is nothing like the immediate chemistry between a group of people all committed to having a good time out to make you feel like you are surrounded by those who care and if we manage to achieve that on any level, well, then a happy valentine’s day to you.


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6 thoughts on “the many faces of love”

  1. okay, well, so maybe i hate the day because i’ve been suffering from a long distance relationship for over four years.. lekin still!! i mean those harassed aunties and giggling teenagers are all fine.. but seriously? everywhere? too much nahee hogaya tha after a point? 😦

  2. of course its all too much after a while especially if its ALL about love and hearts and red and outdoing the entire emotion itself. but when its about making it count i think its nice to have a day 🙂 kind of like a birthday or an anniversary- no bodys saying dont do stuff another day also- but i personally donthave an issue having yet another day when we do something a little out of the ordinary 🙂

    long distance cannot be fun- eh minerva?

  3. i appreciate the fact that some people who would not say anything at all actually go out of their way to do something this particular day…kind of like going along with the spirit….
    this colleague of mine in her late fifties told me last year that she received flowers and a box of chocolates through TCS from her husband who has never before done something like that…
    he too got caught up with the excitement of the day, and she said she was thrilled!!!

    come to think of it, we overdo weddings and birthdays too don’t we? coz in the end nothing seems like too much for ppl we love….

    and now, life has gone back to normal…in good old fashioned pakistani style…. 🙂

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