daily tidbit 18


My cousins and I spent a good part of the summer months every year pretending to be detectives (Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew inspired), mystery solvers (courtesy Enid Blyton), pirates, cops, robbers, campers- whatver caught our fancy. So it is no big surprise that the one thing I hoped my baby would inherit as part of my gene pool was an imagination that would sustain him through life.

Recently, having exhausted his usual broom and mop cleaning routine, Nadi must have figured that he needed to find something new to entertain us with. So one day, out of the blue, he decides to Harry Potter us. The game is that he puts the red basket on top of his head- and you have to look for him. He will then lead you to different objects in the room- chair, door, teddy bear, cat, khala, shoes, whatever and you have to ask them if they have seen Nadi. And when you have walked all over the house with him, having exhausted all potential of being able to find him, with a war-whooping yell of delight he pulls the invisibility cloak off and reveals himself to everyone.

And to think we thought magic was dead.


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12 thoughts on “daily tidbit 18”

  1. haha children are so full of energy that it sounds as if its a fun yet exhausting exercise. Maybe a good way to keep mommies fit, but then there are leftovers to be finished

  2. Despite my many attempts, I unfortunately do not fit in the magic invisible laundry basket.

    Of course if I could I would only use my powers for evil.

    I love this 🙂

  3. the pics are perfect, esp the last one!

    forget harry potter, this sort of reminded me of Mr. India.. where Arun Bhaiyya has that bracelet hand gadget thingy, and you can only see him in red light! Nadi somehow has the mechanism reversed. do i make sense..

  4. i completely grew up on enid blyton too! and we used to have our own detective gang! it’s so great to see imagination in kids! atta boy!

  5. 🙂

    brilliant! just brilliant! i am gonna sleep with a big smile on my face thinking about this!

    Cubby himself asks “Cubby kahan hai” and then comes and presents himself with flourish! and yes, if we dont say it, he will also say Maine toh dekha hi nahi! hehe!

    hugs to Nadi, pls!

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