the addict.


When he is up and around, its like life is a whirlwind, a roller coaster and in between the blur of lunch and dinner and conversation and baths and laughter and learning, I madly try to cram in my work. A deadline met here in between bites, an email sent there while changing a pamper. Some conceptual thinking. An article during BabyTV. A layout snuck in. And then I am back to doing a puzzle, painting, watering the plants with my full attention; with Nadi, there is always something that needs to be done.

And then when he finally, finally goes to sleep at night and there is quiet- and there is time to do all those piling things that I have been juggling since the morning, I sit there, looking at him sleep, and I nuzzle into to him- smelling the baby smell, and I mentally count the hours till he wakes up and the mad colours of life threaten to overhwhelm me again…


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9 thoughts on “the addict.”

  1. and I thought I was probably the only crazy mother who sometimes (not always!) actually misses her baby while she is sound asleep right next to me:D
    hehe sweet post.

  2. i absolutely love this post jammie…it hits that warm, gooey part of me that loves being a mother, inspite of crazy juggling and the lack of me time!

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    PS: I am impressed by the fact that you take out time for blogging! 🙂

  4. i absolutely love this post…you got it spot-on hon. i sometimes feel like the minute my kiddo gets up, we’re sucked into this tazmanian devil-type of tornado. it’s hilarious how we’re never nearly quite as productive when they finally sleep, haina? 🙂

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