language barriers

Story as it was told to me:

Nadi walks into my moms house, scrounges around for his cleaning cart (dont ask!) and having gotten his supplies together, starts dusting, brooming, wiping the filth that is obviously -in his eyes- his grandmother’s quite impeccably kept house. From the corner of his eye, he sees my mother standing there and watching him, so he throws down the jharoo and shouts, “SHHHHHITTTTT, Nanna, SHIIITTTT.” My poor mom must have been completely horrified at the language coming from her precious angels mouth, until of course she figured out that all he wanted her to do was SIT down and relax while he took over the cleaning of her house.


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7 thoughts on “language barriers”

  1. hahaha yes she was quite scandalized!
    she told me to tell you and k to not watch tv in front of him lest he pick up more inappropriate words πŸ˜›
    for example “bakabakabakabaka” πŸ˜›

  2. LOL!!! i am trying to imagine the horrow on your mom’s face when Nadi said the words and those got lost in translation.

  3. Sorry Jamie i am hijacking your blog to say this to Hina.

    Hina hope your little girls are doing great.I used to browse your blog till it got private. Take care.

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