aha moments here and there

One thing us moms do is constantly remark on (and kick ourselves in the butt for not totally making use of)  is how much time we had pre baby (or babies, as the case may be). The other day Nadi was feeling cooped up in the house so my parents were luckily passing by, so they picked him up and took him back to their place. Now I know I should (because I totally have the advantage of doing so), but weirdly enough I usually dont send him randomly to their place. Usually its because I have a meeting/class/pedicure emergency. His solo trips to his grandparents are always pre planned because in that time, I aim to cover my things to do list. To have him not with me and to have nothing to do was a total luxury situation that took me by surprise. K walked in a  few minutes later to find me lying flat on the floor with my head stretched back, completely quiet and still, wondering if the silence was always this loud. “Did we always have this much down time before Nadi was born?” I asked him. “And if so, what on earth did we do with it?”

As Nadi sprouts wings, our days are whizzing by because most of the day revolves around some kind of Nadi activity. Bathing, napping, sweeping, eating. parks, pick up, drop- in between which I stuff in my things like shower, online time, work, phonecalls etc. The other day after we did our exercise round at gymkhana and some park time for Nadir, we stopped by Pie in the Sky to pick up some garlic bread to have with our pasta dinner that night. I popped into a shop next door to check on some work I was doing for them, and came back inside the little cafe where k and nadi were choosing bread, to see a group of 4 women sitting at the back lounge/booth, coffees in hand, chatting away. They all looked freshly showered, completely relaxed and happy- probably in stark contrast to hungry us in our gym attire with a dirt streaked little boy and tired expressions. And next to their shiny happy carefree picture perfect existence, I felt so shabby, so typical, so blah, so motherly. Then one of them came to me- I knew her- and smiled and told me how cute Nadi looked, how exciting it must be to have him around, how challenging the work/child juggle must be. And just like that, the perspective changed.


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9 thoughts on “aha moments here and there”

  1. key point to note, the perspective changed!!

    i just had one of my most exciting single friends tell me today how much she envies me my “mundane trivialities” (my words) when she’s out taking that leap with yet-another-potential-suitor. i suppose our lives can be about as exciting as we perceive them to be.

  2. i wish i had gone to sleep the day the pregnancy was confirmed and woken up some time around when he was due.
    I never knew I would miss cooking and cleaning..and writing reports no one read..baaahhhhh.

  3. haha, i was just going to blog abt this today. imran and i got stranded and were left with 4 hours to ourselves, by ourselves. we walked, hopped onto buses, travelled across 3 cities and it was SOOOOOOO much fun sans kiddies… much like our highschool days.

    during one of our conversations i mentioned “how could we say we’re “busy” when we were in highschool?” to which imran replied… “how could we say we’re “bus” when we had just one child” and then we broke out into a conversation abt relativity of time blah blah! *sigh*

  4. haha reading this makes me feel so much better about the oodles of pre-wedding pre-baby, me-time/free-time I have these days, but given the excess of it, I have this very strong feeling in my gut that I’m gonna end up with twins or triplets
    but right now I’ll saw, bring ’em on 🙂

  5. sara – exacvtly- i think the grass is always greener on the other side- even if you dont really want to be on the other side its aperception thingamajig.

    aneela my friend- you will miss the most hideous times of your life too- its all part of the mommyfying process muahahah

    sheza 🙂 hahaha- i can imagine how thrilled you must have been at being “stranded”

    mayya- the pre wedding time and the pre baby time are like magic islands of selfish me time- INDULGE in them 🙂 i am so glad i did- i honestly feel it makes for a better mom when you know youve done your thing and dont resent your life being taken over by the child 🙂

  6. when K sleeps for three hours at a stretch it’s a special gift that i usually spend passed out on nearest sofa/bed/carpet…and then i start missing her. go figure!

  7. i was having a bad mommy day yesterday and generally a bad day before that – a terrible start to a busy week.
    your post cheered me up!
    so thanks 🙂

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