daily tidbit 20

Happiness comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and movements. Each individual has his own particular brand of nuttiness by which he shares that sudden rush with the world. You see people going ooooh or wooo hoo, or aaah or suddenly pumping their hands up in the air or clapping their hands- whatever really it takes to expend that immediate adrenaline high  into the universe.

Sometimes after you let Nadi have a particularly huge bite of kit-kat, or if he gets to watch his numbers dvd twice in a row late at night (yaay weekends!) or if the game of hide and seek coming up is extra thrilling, he will suddenly throw up his arms and do a few totally jiggy steps to tell you how happy he is with the state of affairs in his world at the moment. (Allah ka Shukar)



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6 thoughts on “daily tidbit 20”

  1. lol..ive seen this dance. its baby grinding.lol.
    and this is random but on the right grey side f your blog there is a teeny tiny smile.
    did you put it there…it doesnt seem like part of the design

  2. oh my God! he looks so cute! you have a star in the making. send him to bolly wood!

    achcha – you’ve been tagged. do it please 🙂

    btw – loved your last aha moments post.

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