daily tidbit 21


Nadi is absolutely obsessed with cooking (toottinn’ as he calls it). All day he will mix and chop and peel and toss and cook a la Jamie Oliver style making k sigh in happiness and me in relief that the onus of keeping my boys fed is off me πŸ™‚ I don’t know when and where the obsession started- perhaps watching k whip up his famous scrambled eggs on sunday or just the fact that the kitchen at my moms is the usual hang out place for tea and talk, or perhaps his utter fascination with the chef hats from way back. A most natural choice of first cartoon seemed like Ratatouille- a decision I am fast rueing since we watch it first thing in the morning, then again once after our afternoon nap and then one last time before going to bed. he has his favourite parts – usually when the kitchen and hats appear- and he will now give a play by play account of what is happening as a running commentary on the side. As well as we now know the dialogues, of course this is amazing fun for us too- being the excited parent types we are and seeing as how Nadi’s birthday was right around the corner, we plotted and schemed and got him an early bday gift- his very own little kitchen. Now our gourmet chef has expanded his food repertoire and can be seen hard at work at almost any point in the day, adding spices- which he now also knows by name-, frying, putting things in the oven and generally being one little happy cook.



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19 thoughts on “daily tidbit 21”

  1. I love it! he’s the first baby boy I’ve seen who’s interested in cooking and kudos to you guys for indulging him with a kitchen set.
    is he baking his own birthday cake?

  2. So cute mashaAllah!

    Just yesterday I was lamenting not having proper cookware (I didn’t have much time/skill to cook until last year, so never accumulated enough cooking gadgets)… but Chef Nadir is all covered & way ahead of the game!

    p.s. I loved ratatouille!

  3. what was his reaction when he first saw the gift?!

    (shame on me, i dont even know the names of spices.. or my around in the kitchen 😦 )

  4. sara/pi- im actually really enjoying this phase although looks like the cleaning thing wasnt just a phase it seems coz hes still just as excited about jharoos and pohnchas!!

    mayya- my husband a bonafide cooker πŸ™‚ so its in the bloodlines- and you can imagine how thrilled he is that nadi exhibits the same penchant for cooking πŸ™‚ funny you shoudl say that but he isnt at all into baking- just cooking πŸ™‚ so th cake is for me to handle!

    meher- would you still love ratatouille after watching it a 100 times? πŸ™‚ hehe

    cheeky- he was reallly excited but in a very mature contained way- (kinda like his dad- i tend to get hoppy when excited!) i can tell though that he feels like its 10 birthdays rolleld into one because the first words to leave his mouth every morning since then are “nadi titchen!!” and then he jumps out of bed to start mixing mixing mixing. πŸ™‚

  5. hmmm first the cleaning and now the cooking….are the help quivering in their shoes, this one footer is giving them a run for their money? i love a man who can cook , and im glad gman has a penchant for cooking …nadi is in good company!

  6. hahah love it !! funny i had a recent incident at this drop in i take Nyle to and they had a kitchen setting similar to this one. and all the little ladies had surrounded it, busily cooking away, setting the table, getting food ready. Nyle kept crawling in that direction trying to help. of course the ladies were not to happy plus they were older then my lil one…finally one of them hands him a little basket and says youre a boy why don’t you go get grocery (pointing towards a grocery store set up next to the kitchen)…i thought it interesting to watch a 3 yr old from a different racial background say that. guess this sexist attitude transcends race, color and culture

  7. Aww. You’ll always love ratatouille.

    I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty at age 4. My parents claim to know every dialogue. It was on disney channel a few weeks back and in my early twenties they still watched it with me. πŸ™‚

  8. Heyyy, Nadi’s a boy after my own heart!!! The kind of guy a girl wants to take home to her mother!!! lol. Good for you,Jammi!

  9. hay! i love the fact that you’re thankfully not one of the parent types who is worried just because you son likes being in the kitchen but you applaud his interest *yay*
    i love his kitchen set – happy early birthday nadir!


  10. lol!! love this kiddo, he’s a heartthrob and a cook all in one! jamie olivier style! awesome!!

    and yeah.. since enough people haven’t said it already i’ll say it again.. i love ratatouille!!! πŸ˜€

  11. haha, i want to EAT him… very mithoo baby sara!.. ali baba also loves cooking with tamatooo, kookambar, roti and jelly beeez! i make u sandwich mama!

    i dont think we can ever thank allah mian enough

  12. Aww he’s such a cutie! My 16month old is obsessed with jharu pochas and bathrooms at this point. Hope he moves on to cooking too πŸ™‚

  13. his ratatouille is my “jungle book” πŸ™‚

    and naadi makes me breakfast quite often…
    not in his make believe kitchen.. in my actual kitchen with actual ingredients and then says “naadi tattuuu”
    and i have to repeat “naadii thankk you” πŸ˜›

  14. awww, jammie. you’re one lucky girl. i’m so glad you’re encouraging this. he’s going to make some lazy chick very happy some day πŸ˜‰
    p.s. i love his jammies!

  15. yayy! we had a fisher price kitchen we ADORED, even when we got taller than it was πŸ™‚ we’ve still got it carefully stored away;)

  16. Hi,

    Commenting the first time here….this post is sooooooooooo cute!! Guess who fell in love with you bubs?? My hubby, who is a serious, academic, no display of emotion types… happened to see this post open on my laptop w!hile I was brewing some tea for him, asked me who is this lil boy and went on to read the whole post….and promplty fell in love and urged me to comment to tell you how absolutely cute Nadi is!! My hubby wanted to be a chef ended up becoming a lawyer and is fascinated at Nadi’s preference for playing ‘kitchen’….how wonderful that theres no stereotyping here! Awwwww…

    Enjoy your blog and visit often….you write so well…and ur sis does too! came here from mad momma.


    harshika and johnson

  17. heyy thanks all- after i read everyones comments i asked k if he realized this gender issue- that a boy wanted to play in the kitchen so he said yes it occurred to him- and I am quite flummoxed by why it didnt seem to come into my head. in 2009 it shouldnt matter- not to thinking reading open minded people am i right? I guess the bias still exists esp where the roles are more traditionally defined. Lets just hope his generation sees things better πŸ™‚

    harshika- thanks! and tell your husband that my husband also wanted to be a chef and is currently in marketing secretly nursing the desire that one day he will open his own restaurant! πŸ™‚

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