when there is a will

Baby TV is a fantastic idea. Six or seven minute long brightly colured exciting programs on all kinds of creative concepts- counting, colours, words, concepts. Of course it is no surprise that Nadi’s favourite program  is Baby Chef. He loves the songs, the recipes and the fact that its kids cooking. If he could, he would watch it all day except that it only comes about 3 times a day.

Having been brought up so far mainly on nursery rhyme downloads and DVDs, the concept of TV programming is a hard one to grasp in its limited time running. Today he was watching Baby Chef and seven minutes later as it ended, and he started his persistent request, I again explained to him that this wasn’t like a DVD and we could not rewind it. Put out, he cocked his head to one side, trying to understand the significanace of this, and then his face suddenly brightened. He went up and pointed towards k’s computer and asked, “Mama, tube you pe?” 

Ah yes, the answer to all problems of the modern world-  www.youtube.com.


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8 thoughts on “when there is a will”

  1. that’s really funny. i’m scared our kids will use the technology against us and we will be totally helpless.

    my daughter enjoys watching barney but she is still too young to ask for more. but I guess those days are not too far.

  2. lol, my goodness, the kids these days are super sharp and pick up on technology so fast. Sometimes I wonder what technology will be like when they are all grown up and whether we as parents will be able to keep up. I mean my mom has no clue what facebook or googling or blogging is.
    If you have a VCR might I suggest you could record the show and put it on for Nadi when he wants to watch. My daughter loves “molly and the big comfy couch” and I have now taped it for her so if I need to keep her occupied I just pop the tape in and put it on, it really is a blessing!!

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