Old McDonald had a…burger?

The three of us sisters were brought up on traditional limericks, nursery rhymes and songs, both Urdu and English. We ran around the mulberry bush and saw London bridge fall down, celebrated the 12 days of Christmas, danced to Nani teri moorni ko mor le gaya and wondered exactly who Dr Foster was who went to Gloucester. Allusions to other countries, other traditions other religions never confused or bothered us and with as much enthusiasm and sometimes really odd pronounciations, we excitedly adopted  on each song or rhyme as it were our own, more often than not enacting it for my poor parents to watch over and over again.

Of course as any obsessed parent trying to relive their childhood through their kid would, I also am big on wanting Nadi to like the typical nursery rhymes over Omore and Coke  jingles and childrens songs over Desi Girl Remixes. We don’t always win and in those cases, I suppoose its best to give in gracefully and just smile (and wave) because I mean its still cute. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Nadi showed total excitement over Old McDonald- eventually singing along with the baas and the moos. And you can imagine how amazed I was when it ended and he requested I put it on again by asking for the “burger” song. Maybe we should start checking their butts for signs of branding when they are born.


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6 thoughts on “Old McDonald had a…burger?”

  1. hahaha thatr reminds me my sister had asked my recently married mamu if he and his wife danced around trees before he chose her 🙂 i dont think its new- its just a bit sooner now!

  2. … and that reminds me of my cousin. We were ten years old and she asked my grandma, who had 12 kids,

    “Ap logon ke time pe sabz sitara nahee tha?”

    Poor thing didn’t even know what a sabz sitara was! 😛

  3. My nephew, he’s a little over 2, has discovered nursery rhymes AND youtube – so every night he comes into my room to watch stars, stars (twinkle, twinkle) and so on. The other day he was watching the videos during the day and he wanted to eat KFC RIGHT then! its incredible how marketing works wonders with these kids 🙂
    oh, and sometimes he likes watchin odd videos – like Gordon Brown addressing a press conference on swine flue. go figure!

  4. okay i have had my share of desi rhymes but never heard of”Nani teri moorni ko mor le gaya ” :). Mine fav was choo choo choocho cha cha , ghari pay chooha naacha….. .LOL and i still shamelessly sing the choha one with my Chitra singh esque voice.

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