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The week before Nadi’s second birthday was insane, both socially and workwise. Farewell dinners for kay who is off shortly on the grand NY adventure, some birthday parties not to be missed, and lots of work deadlines to be met especially since the day after his birthday, we were going on our trip to Dubai to attend kay’s book launch. And as the law of travelling and excitement  has it, things just snowball before a trip. It’s almost as if in anticipation of the relaxing fun week I had ahead, the before-math had to be as crazy packed as it could be. “Why do you want to have a birthday party for Nadi in the midst of all this?” asked a well meaning friend. He could not understand why looking and sounding as harassed as I did, I was trying to have the party the evening before we left also. “It’s not like he will remember, is it? And you can have a nice peaceful evening at home, packing and wrapping up and then really relax on your week in Dubai!” He made a great point really, all things considered. Why WAS I going insane trying to do it all? A pool party even for merely 6 toddlers and their parents is a big enough undertaking- without the added hassle of the rest of the balls up in the air. Nadi wouldn’t rally remember or hold it against me, of course that I did not do soemthing fun for his second birthday, and yes it would be a much needed quiet evening at home.

The thing is, I later tried explaining to the same friend who has so innocently offered me advice, I realized you will always do as much as you want to. If I start cutting out on doing things that I only want to do that don’t really have long term merit or credit, life would definitely be easier with greater pockets of me time- but it will prbably be a life not so well lived. Loking back at the picturs of Nadi’s very fun pool party, I realized that that one extra bit of push and shove that comes from the people around you (k, m and m, kay, mom- thanks!!) to just go ahead and do something you don’t have time for, is what keeps setting the bar higher in terms of living a life that packed and brimming and really, just about the only way I think one should live.

(duas all around please)


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4 thoughts on “making time to turn two with a splash”

  1. this makes so much sense… i find myself cutting corners on socializing (in a broad context) and while life is smooth , relaxed, easy, im not having half the fun you do… nadi chhatt pool party pictures were so fabulous…

    youre lucky to be around such good friends and close family sara… i miss that everyday

  2. it’s such a blessing to have that support around you.. because party poopers are everywhere and difficult to run away from..
    i know some of the mean well. but still.. one comment from them can really pull you down and away from what you really WANT to do, as opposed to what you should do.

    i’m sure nadi will definitely appreciate all this when he’s old enough and sees the fun pics!
    (it happened to me with my 1st bday pics 🙂 )

  3. yes i think i forgot to say that in so many words- ke how lucky i feel to be surrounded at this point in life with my family and friends because its easy yo not ant to do things that seem harder- this was but a small example.
    Allah mian has been great to me- hope it stays that way inshalah

  4. Happy birthday to Nadi!
    just the other day I was having this discussion about babies and their birthdays. A lot of people I talked to were of the view that the baby doesn’t remember so there’s no point to having parties to celebrate, just a cake is good enough. I disagree. What about the memories the parents have? and the pictures the kid can see once he’s grown up. I do think birthdays are special and meant to be celebrated!
    And yes, I agree with cheeky, nadi will definitely appreciate this once he’s old enough.

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