what’s in a name?

Nadi has recently developed a stronger sense of identity. From being a baby he is now Nadi or Naddu depending on how affectionate he is feeling towards himself. And of course, it is still much in the third person. Nadi play. Nadi eat. Nadi go. Its all about the Nadi…k loves playing this game with him, but this time it had an unusual result

k: Nadi what is your name?

N: Nadiii

k: what is your full name?

N: Nadiii Wyne

k: Very good. Do you know your full name is Nadi Khalid Wyne?

N cocks his head and smiles impishly…

k (again): Nadi whats your name?

N: Nadi Abba Wyne.


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2 thoughts on “what’s in a name?”

  1. makes perfect sense:D
    its like someone once asked my father when he was a kid
    who are you?
    abba: im a man!!

    and asad once told someone his fathers name was “hello” cause that what ami used to call him..

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