daily tidbit 22


Recently, outside our neigbourhood shopping mall, there has been this huge clown attraction for kids- one that Nadi took an instant comaraderie to because as he says it, “Mama, Nadi ko taaown hieee kiya”. The clown in question has huge air filled arms which flap in the wind as a greeting that Nadi takes to be aimed persoanlly to him. So now every single time we cross that dratted mall front, (which is about 4-5 times on an average active day) we are required to park, get off, spend atleast 20 mins to half hour paying homage to the clown. And God Help us when the clown isnt there- then we wait, take rounds and make up stories to where he really is. Sometimes he believes us and other times, there’s no respite until something else equally captivating grabs his fancy.


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