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These days I am working on  biggish project with someone who is quite entertaining. At the end of our weekly meetings,  he wraps up, promising to send all the missing bits and bobs my way. I imagine little pieces of information, images, text floating towards me in a jiggety jingle kinda way. Trite as though the statment might be, but life has gotten so blurry in all that needs to be said about it, keps getting archived into thought boxes and the scary thing with thought boxes are that over time, they fade until only certain situations force them up. And since I dont want that to happen, since there are stories about Nadi I want to remember to tell him one day (when he will be embarrassed by me- and not want to hear them), I will cover the bits and bobs of the last few weeks in short form.


Ratatouille is on its way out and Maaki-Makeen (Lightning McQueen) is on its way in.  Now that I know the entire dialgue backwards of the Pixar movie with accents and subtitles, Nadi has decided he only has 3 very favourite parts  he wants to watch. Looks like the seasons finally over. God, I think I am actually going to miss it.

The baby accent is amazing- and since you havent been a repeater from the start, I am loving this phase right now of parroting everything I say, especially the more emphatic words right down to the tonal variation. Sadly the baby accent is also refnining itself and I was most upset to hear you call  Haji Dawood (our  grocery store of choice) by its actual correct pronounciation over your recent Haaouud. I still prefer Haouud.

By the way, when you can say the harder words so clearly why cant you say Finger Family? Why are they still Fitin Shaapy? Hmmm.


I dont know many kids your age- and the ones I do know maybe I never really paid attention to growth wise- but I am most impressed with what two year olds nowadays know if you are anything to go by. You know how to slide open to the menu of an Iphone. You guys know what youtube is. You can turn the TV, laptop and amp on by yourself if you are sure no ones watching. And you, Nadi, can recognize logo brands better than some grown ups can. You know the difference between OPTP and McD fries, even when I switch them into different boxes. I suppose most of you peeps know how to count to ten and can tell colours- but I honestly didnt think that happened till 4 or 5. You just turned 2- so pardon me for being super impressed. I love how you know your mind so well from what you want to eat to what you want to watch to what you want to do. I suppose by giving you the freedom to choose I am pretty setting a precedent I will one day regret, but for now watching a 2 yr old make up his mind is way funner than imagining a 16 yr old inform me of his intentions.

I like how despite knowing everyone real names and titles, you have your own special nickname for them that you use when you want to get your way. It works and its adorable but Iforesee you abusing that in the near future. I must warn the others.

Your cooking phase stays strong- you know most of the spices by name, although why you insist on adding haldi and cinnamon to eggs I cant understand. You still find the kitchen the best place to be in the house, and I know one day your wife will be thankful for that.

Your favourite song is Right Round by Flo Rida and you will dance to it endlessly any time anywhere. Next fave is Boom boom pow and then Bongo Bong- and even though today you did ask for Maa ka Ladla by name, it very clear to me that the dominant gene in this case is not mine. I can almost hear k do a happy jig at this.

As I am learning on this project- and with you-n the bits and bobs are endless, and as they keep coming, you keep adjusting and readjusting to make space for them, learning to fit them in and accepting them, sometimes with difficulty and sometimes as easily as peasy.


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6 thoughts on “bits and bobs”

  1. hahha this should be a letter for an actual hand written letter to him which he can read when he is maybe 12..well in his case i think he will be chef at BBC food by 10 and reading a writing away:)

  2. Hi
    Came here from the GypsyFeet blog.
    Interesting!! and such a cute kid 🙂
    Will be a regular from now on.

  3. meyum- i think this whole blog is somewhat of aletter to him haina? i mean i cant iomagine why else i would feel the need to write it all down…i dont want to forget so many details!

    lost on the street 🙂 thanks. came by your blogs too! lets stay in touch.

    urbanniche- youre supposed to be blogging!!

  4. A beautiful ode to motherhood… I just happened upon your ‘sibling’ BLOGS and my goodness,Mash’Allah.’Respect your women ‘ was one of the prophet’s ,pbuh, dying instructions.I salute your parents and you.More energy to your creativity.

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