mom peeve

I am not interested in listening to babble incessantly about your kid unless you are also interested in listening to me babble endlessly about Nadi. That’s the rule, and yes, I made it.


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13 thoughts on “mom peeve”

  1. hahah no nothing like that – have just realized that my interest in someones else kids is directly propoertional to their interest in MY kid. 🙂

    1. i agree wtih you! and sometimes with such kinda people it’s not just kids! sometimes they just want to talk about themselves and that’s pretty much it.

      Doosray ki bhi sunn lete hain kabhi kabhi! *grunts*

  2. lol! The funny thing with moms who babble on and on about their own kids is that they do NOT want to hear you talk abour yours. Wish there was some polite way of telling them to shut up!!!

  3. noo this isnt about nadi talking – its about moms talking.
    the more i notice the more i see people dont really want to talk TO you they want to talk AT you- they will start and go on and on about the trivial details of their life as if they should matter- and if you try to talk about anything- to make it a conversation, they will cut you in and go on with their one sided monologue. its not an exchange on any level.

    ps: not everyones like this- but im constantly sup[rirsed at how many people are!

    1. This phenomena is the result of ‘me’dire media’ syndrome.Ur circle of friends become unpaid ‘shrinks’,its mass indoctrination by shows like Maachis-which no one but me admits to watching.
      What is actually going on,which you’ll know and feel,is a transfer of positive energy,they talk and drain yours.Set an alarm on your phone to sound like a call,its the only thing that one feels polite interrupting the ‘patient’ with, whilst in full flow!Then get on with your life.

  4. ive also been observing something else lately… moms who speak incesstantly about their kids, cant handle praises for someone else’s child. theres three moms i know here who go on and on about themselves aand their kids.

    At a party recently, one such mommy was there and someone praised someone elses child that he is soo independent. as tho by reflex, the babbling mom yells out her child’s name and then goes “he/she’s been out playing by him/herself all evening, i havent even had the chance to feed him/her!!” lol… i wanted to tell her to relax… after all the hundred antics we’ve heard about, we DONT care! =) i really wish such moms could talk abt something else!!

  5. But such fun when two babblers unite! I’m always careful not to blather too much to non-mom friends lest they want to blow their brains out- except K’s godmothers, who have to put up with it;)

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