mom-types I just cannot take anymore.

1. Ones who keep talking down at you just because they had a baby first. The YOU dont know what its like. YOU have no idea. YOU wait and see. (Ummm. YOU go jump off a cliff please)

2. Ones who try to out-mom you in every aspect. (If your kid is behaving well, theirs is an angel. But the next day if your kid is being a brat, theirs is the devil incarnate. No winning there.)

3. Ones who ONLY want to talk about their kids. (Yes I am thrilled to hear about your beloved poop-food-sleep timnings by the minute, but come on, seriously, you have NOTHING else to talk about? Ever?)

4. Ones who give you advice without you asking for it. And then insist on it. You REALLY should try Sudocrem. Vaseline works fine for us, thanks. NO SERIOUSLY, Sudocrem is the best. TRY IT. Want to eat some Sudocrem, lady?

5. Ones who sit there and smile prettily/socialize actively while their child wreaks havoc at a restaurant/play day/get together. Just because you have a maid  doesn’t mean that you can switch off and work your agenda missy, especially if your kid is inclined to be a baby tornado equivalent who refuses to listen.


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13 thoughts on “mom-types I just cannot take anymore.”

  1. Heee heee hee heee…I could add to this list. May I?
    P.S: Want some Sudocreme? Alhamdolillah the plight of the nappy rash has not crossed our treshold.

  2. ok i cant really relate to this post, although i think i can somewhat understand what it must be like coz i’ve experienced these’ talks’ too and i dont even have a child.. so when the talk gets to monotonous and borderline obnoxious, in my head i just think ‘ok now can we please talk abt the new movie which just released last weekend?’
    .. btw umm.. uhh.. nice header!

  3. hahahaha!

    so true! i especially hate the you will know how it gets worse when they grow up! i mean they wont even let you whine peacefully!

    and the ones who never have anythin good to say about their kids! and then say “you are toh lucky your kid listens to you!” doh!


  4. Haha ooooh I try so hard to not be a perpetrator! When I was preg I met a mom who combined the prophetess of doom with the my-kid-sucks…uff I wanted to beat her I did! On another note: its something of a study, proven, that if you expect a difficult baby you get one, and vice versa. 0_o the syntax of that was really wrong, wasn’t it.

  5. LOLMAO! I just read this!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! Too good!

    I esp liked the first one. Why don’t YOU jump off a cliff.

    *sudden sigh*

    I’m surrounded by Types 1, 4 and 5. :/

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