stories from eid- I

Nadi has been excited by the “binky binky lights” that have gone up all around with Eid just around the corner.

Intially, he was super excited and asked “Mama shaadi hai?” since he loves wearing shalwar kurtas (even to sleep sometimes!) and going to weddings- all the music, dancing, colour obviously appeals to the culture/aesthetic gene in him. So I tried explaining that Eid is coming and we will get presents and eat mithai, so he thought about it a moment and asked the next relevant question, “Nadi kya pehnay ga?” (What will Nadi wear?) So I tell him about his new black shalwar kurta and he has been very excited about Eid since then, asking every few hours if Eid is here and can he wear his new clothes.

So last night, we were coming back and we saw the blinky blinky lights near our house were off Ā (loadshedding time of course) and Nadi looks and says “Mama Eid bannd hai”. (Mama, Eid is closed)


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