stories from eid – II

After iftari we usually try to take a drive around our area, looking at the happy binky lights, showing them to Nadir, listening to music in the car, counteracting the lethargy that prevails post eating by stepping out.

I pointed out the newer lights adoring the mall to Nadi last night, commenting excitedly (as moms do to make a point) ” Dekho, how pretty they look, do you know why they are up? ” So he looks at me and goes “Haaaan, Nadi ke black shalwar kurtay ke liye”.


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3 thoughts on “stories from eid – II”

  1. tell him his aunt in melbourne has her binky blinky lights out in honour of his salwar kurta. Aaj Eid band hai is going to be my new catchphrase after Main Kharab Hogayee battery change karo

  2. too cute šŸ™‚ i love the stories. Z learned to say ‘red’ this eid but she says it as thead. So it was her Thead dress and she loved her poop (soup) for eid.
    ps: i started blogging – your blog/tags were a great push – thanks.

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