The King Size Bed and other Travel Stories.

  • Around about the time Nadi turned 13-15 months old, he started walking independently and all our hitherto pat on the back happy training of him sleeping in his cot went flying out the window as his cot suddenly grew too small for him. Logcially, of course,  the transient solution was to have him in our queen sized bed till we got his new one. One thing led to another and the little tangle of arms and legs every morning turned into a regualr thing. Another year and a half later and that new bed for him has yet to be ordered. And its no surprise that our queen size (once a nice modest sized bed) is not longer large enough to house both k and me- relatively tall people as well as a rotating 2 year old. So it was a nice surprise to discover that there actually is a reasonable amount of difference between queen and king sized beds. K and I have long since accepted that for these few years we will only hug above the child’s head holding hands and below the child’s feet by intertwining feet creating a sort of a huddle amongst the three of us. Initially constricting, this has grown on me to provide a strange kind of security thing, keeping me in body contact with both my people. The bed at Laguna was  huge and despite a Nadi being wedged in the middle of us with his arms and legs splayed comfortably in all directions, there was STILL space for me to angle my legs or sleep curled up as opposed to sleep like a refugee huddled to the edge of my home bed. (you DO know im exaggerating this for story telling value right?) So the first night once Nadi was asleep, I could sense K moving around, shuffling away in bed, his hand was blindly patting the bed away and feet moving around until he finally got up and admitted there was simply way too much space and he couldnt find me over and around Nadi. I guess there just might be a thing as too much space after all.

DSC06656 copy

  • I have realized that I love travelling with Nadi. Heturned out to be a fun interactive very observant kid who had us in fits with a lot of his random noticing of things which ordinarily would have missed our attention. He would point at something that wasnt correct in his frame of referecne and then in his put on funny voice exclaim, yeh kitna funny hai. It was liek seeing everything through two yr old eyes and you know what, I realized my thirty two yr old eyes really needed this new vision, this break from being unable to see the magical wonder in a long necked giraffe (really WHAT was God thinking?) or the hilarity in a bird wearing a funny crown on its head or a funnily shaped doughnut or simply the colour of the ocean so different from ours. His sense were on full alert, taking notes, comparing, realizing and commenting away. The randomness  of his observations was addictive and many a time, even when he was asleep or not around, we would find ourselves attuned to the world in a way only a two yr can be.
  • I love how he turned out to be our kid in every sense of the word at how much he liked hotel comforts, especially the rain shower. Mama Nadi yeh bath home le jaye ga 🙂 Sigh I wish kiddo.
  • The Thai are a very hospitable people- when they can understand you. For a country that has based their life’s earnings on tourism, its remarkable how they have not felt the need to learn English to facilitate the average tourist at all, especially when their own language is unfamiliar and difficult. When Nadi heard our taxi driver babble something nasal at us, he simply could not help the mad giggles that started at this brand new crazy language and within minutes all three of us were rolling in the back and eventually even the taxi driver good naturedly  joined in at the infectiousness of it all.
  • The Thai as a people seem to love children a bit more than what I had expected. Nadi would get smiled at, shaken hands with, poked and prodded and spoken to at every turn and wihtin the first two days he had developed a bit of a dodge reflex to people who wanted to touch him. It was funny to see him try to defend his territory much like a little puppy, trying to hold onto all his toy cars while edging away while also trying to remain polite.

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10 thoughts on “The King Size Bed and other Travel Stories.”

  1. ahh fond memories of my niece and nephews visiting me and listening to their take on Thailand…there was an attempt to make the Thais learn English while I was around, what with the Asian Games rolling in and all that…but its a whole cultural thing of inside/outside which forms a block to the language. I think its a ” chalta hai” attitude…I bet they think as it is we have to do so much for the visiting guest, if we can understand them they might make us work double.

  2. jam, we are struggling with the queen sized, co-sleeping dilemma and ironically for us we HAVE a decent sized cot right here in our room that has never been used and is now just extra storage space and nyle is almost 1.5. we are justs o used to waking up in the morning with him right in the middle, and the morning bonding and playfulness that i get separation anxiety thinking of putting him in a separate bed let alone a separate room. (a lot of eyes have been rolled at this comment of mine but whatever) lol!

    thailand vacation sounds like so much fun and so very happy to hear nadi had a good time.
    u know, its funny u mention the language barrier. we had the same experience when we went to Spain. strangely enough, they made no effort whatsoever to even try speaking in english. hmmm!
    i dont know what it is, seriously?

    wish u both a speedy recovery

  3. I don’t think the Thai probably like kids more than the average Pakistani. Your kid is really cute and no wonder random people want to cuddle him on the street! 😀

  4. minerva: i dont want to take anything away from Nadi’s cuteness quotient, but the Thais are REALLY REALLY very fond of our kids…they say its our noses….or they want to make cheap 199 baht knock offs of them and are just making sure they got everything down.

  5. i was smiling away reading about nadi’s antics. just such a fun child he’s turning out to be 🙂
    and the k struggling with sleep coz he couldn’t find you had me going AWW! lucky girl, you – two amazing men in your life!

  6. aneela i actually agree with your take because so many times ic ould see they were pretending not to understand us because that meant out of frustration we would end up giving up. 🙂 but their tourism really rocks so i was wondering…since we can all by and large agree that a basic english grasp serves most people well in most cases- atleast in the south eastern region. cannot say about europe have very limited experience in that area!

    urbaniche- well yes i think the underlying factor is that we dont WANT to find a soluton. we love love the morning ups with nadi and the chattering and the conversation 🙂 and it will anyday end one day all too soon- enjoy for nowww.

    minerva id love to say it was all about nadi but the Thai REALLY loved kids- they just seemed so enthisiastic about them- funnily enough i didnt see too many kids out and about- the ages most common i saw were teenagers and then 6-8 bracket. Not the 2 and unders…maybe it was a coincidence but maybe not…

    my fave example was at the mall when we were walking along and there was this teenager- all purple spiky hared black nail polished throes of artistic angst sitting looking all broody and nadi walked past her doing some random siliness and she suddenly burst into this smile and held out her hand…he was a bit fgreaked bu still shoook her hand…hehe.

    mona- they really are a team and as much as i like being the girl in the equation sometimes i feel left out in the boyness of it all 😛

  7. best is when the mom is also ‘on full alert, taking notes..’ -makes it fun reading for us too 🙂

    sounds like you had an amazing trip!

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